1. obsolete
    • DEFINITION: no longer in use; outmoded in design or style
    • SENTENCE: The typewriter, mimeograph machine, and walkman are now obsolete.
    • SYNONYMS: outdated, archaic, ancient
    • ANTONYMS: modern, trendy, contemporary
  2. auspicious
    • DEFINITION: very favorable
    • SENTENCE: The Mogul princes of India were required to wait for marriage until the emperor's astrologers felt that all of the planetary signs were auspicious.
    • SYNONYMS: promising, fortunate, felicitious
    • ANTONYMS: unlucky, omnious, unfortunate
  3. morose
    • DEFINITION: very depressed, despondent; mournful
    • SENTENCE: When Shah Jahan's wife died during childbirth, the morose emperor canceled all appointments and refused to eat or drink for eight days.
  4. impasse
    • DEFINITION: a deadlock; stalemate; failure to reach an agreement
    • SENTENCE: The Constitutional Convention was almost totally derailed by an impasse between the large states and the small states.
    • SYNONYMS: jam, standoff, standstill
    • ANTONYMS: agreement, breakthrough, development
  5. anachronism
    • DEFINITION: the false assignment of an event, person, scene, or language to a time when the event, person, scene, or word did not exist
    • SENTENCE: She protested the use of a cellphone in a movie set in the 1800s, arguing that it was an unmistakable anachronism.
  6. belie
    • DEFINITION: to give a false impression; to contradict
    • SENTENCE: Her actions belied her words when she denounced cheaters but stole the answers on the SATs from the person sitting next to her.
    • SYNONYMS: deny, disagree, oppose
    • ANTONYMS: attest, prove, confirm
  7. mitigate, mollify, assuage, alleviate
    • DEFINITION: to relieve; to lessen; to ease
    • SENTENCE: Americans use pills to mitigate the symptoms of everything from migraine headaches to indigestion.
    • SYNONYMS: calm, soothe, placate
    • ANTONYMS: exacerbate, upset, aggravate
  8. covet
    • DEFINITION: to really, really want something - longingly
    • SENTENCE: "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife." Tenth Commandment
    • SYNONYMS: want, wish for, pine
    • ANTONYMS: disregard, neglect, disdain
  9. antithesis
    • DEFINITION: direct opposite; the complete reverse; antipode
    • SENTENCE: He was his twin's antithesis; they never agreed on anything, and strangely enough, they had completely different personalities.
    • SYNONYMS: antonym, reverse, contrast
    • ANTONYMS: same, synonym, similar
  10. prototype
    • DEFINITION: the first version of something - the model to be used in upcoming mass production
    • SENTENCE: The Model T served as a prototype for the world's first affordable, mass-produced automobile.
    • SYNONYMS: archetype, standard, predecessor
  11. aloof
    • DEFINITION: detached; distant physically or emotionally; reserved; standing near but apart
    • SENTENCE: Though he often remained aloof, Jay Gatsby often threw lavish parties to court the love of his life.
    • SYNONYMS: shy, cool, alone
    • ANTONYMS: sociable, friendly, outgoing
  12. trite, hackneyed, banal, platitudinous
    • DEFINITION: unoriginal; commonplace; overused; cliched
    • SENTENCE: Max never invents hackneyed or trite games - his games are so original as to be almost confusing.
    • SYNONYMS: cliche, banal, common
    • ANTONYMS: original, new, fresh
  13. antecedent
    • DEFINITION: a preceding event; a forerunner
    • SENTENCE: The parliamentary system in Britain was the antecedent to American democracy.
    • SYNONYMS: precursor, forerunner, ancestor
    • ANTONYMS: descendent, successor, spin-off
  14. plausible
    • DEFINITION: believable; credible
    • SENTENCE: Although it sounds impossible now, it was once plausible that a camel would cross the highway in the Nevada desert.
    • SYNONYMS: possible, likely, probable
    • ANTONYMS: unbelievable, unlikely, implausible
  15. implausible
    • DEFINITION: unbelievable; incredible
    • SENTENCE: The disbelieving look on his mom's face told him she found his story highly implausible.
    • SYNONYMS: unbelievable, unlikely, hard to imagine
    • ANTONYMS: possible, likely, probable
  16. prudent
    • DEFINITION: careful; cautious; sensible
    • SENTENCE: Prudent people look before they leap.
    • SYNONYMS: circumspect, meticulous, vigilant
    • ANTONYMS: careless, imprudent, unwise
  17. aesthetic
    • DEFINITION: relating to what is beautiful; an appreciation of what is beautiful or attractive
    • SENTENCE: Colgate's campus, with its rolling green hills and beautiful lake, is aesthetically pleasing.
    • SYNONYMS: artistic, creative, cultured
    • ANTONYMS: ugly, unattractive, displeasing
  18. aesthetic
    • DEFINITION: relating to what is beautiful; an appreciation of what is beautiful or attractive
    • SENTENCE: Colgate's campus, with its rolling green hills and beautiful lake, is aesthetically pleasing.
    • SYNONYMS: artistic, creative, cultured
    • ANTONYMS: ugly, unattractive, displeasing
  19. paradox
    • DEFINITION: a seemingly contradictory statement that nonetheless expresses a truth
    • SENTENCE: Catch-22 was the paradox at the heart of Heller's book; in order to get sent home from war, you had to be crazy, but if you asked to be sent home, you were not crazy. No one could get sent home.
  20. enigmatic and inscrutable
    • DEFINITION: mysterious; puzzling; unfathomable; baffling
    • SENTENCE: The Mona Lisa's enigmatic smile has puzzled art lovers for centuries.
    • SYNONYMS: cryptic, perplexing, ambiguous
    • ANTONYMS: clear, known, obvious
  21. acquiesce
    • DEFINITION: to comply, agree, give in
    • SENTENCE: He had no choice to acquiesce to his mother's demands after she had nagged him for days.
    • SYNONYMS: accept, consent, accede
    • ANTONYMS: fight, reject, protest
  22. naive
    • DEFINITION: unaffected simplicity; lacking worldly expertise; overly credulous; unsophisticated
    • SENTENCE: Barney Stinson invents impossible stories about himself so that naive girls will date him.
    • SYNONYMS: simple, innocent, gullible
    • ANTONYMS: experienced, sophisticated, wise
  23. autonomous
    • DEFINITION: independent; not controlled by others
    • SENTENCE: It was her wish to have an autonomous life; she wanted to live on her own even if it meant paying her own rent.
    • SYNONYMS: self-determining, self-ruling, sovereign
    • ANTONYMS: dependent, imprisoned
  24. futile
    • DEFINITION: completely useless; doomed to failure
    • SENTENCE: In Saving Private Ryan, the soldiers' efforts to save the fallen Dr. Wade were futile.
    • SYNONYMS: useless, pointless, hopeless
    • ANTONYMS: fruitful, hopeful, productive
  25. indigenous and endemic
    • DEFINITION: native to an area
    • SENTENCE: Potatoes, tomatoes, and sunflowers are indigenous to the New World
    • SYNONYMS: innate, natural, primitive
    • ANTONYMS: foreign, imported, alien
  26. ubiquitous and prevalent
    • DEFINITION: characterized by being everywhere; omnipresent; widespread; pervasive
    • SENTENCE: Cellphones, iPods, and Starbucks are all ubiquitous.
    • SYNONYMS: everywhere, universal, omnipresent
    • ANTONYMS: nowhere, uncommon, sporadic
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