CWS Learning Objectives

  1. Name US agency that regulates wine labeling:
    TTB (Tax and Trade Bureau)
  2. State USA requirement for varietal labeling
    If the grape is listed on the label then there must be 75% of that varietal in the wine
  3. State USA requirement for country, state, county, & AVA labeling
    • Country: 755
    • State: 75%
    • County: 75%
    • AVA: 85%
    • Vineyard: 95%
  4. State what AVA stands for
    American Viticultural Areas
  5. State CA requirement for vintage labeling state, county, or AVA wines
    • State: 100%
    • County:75%
    • AVA: 85%
    • Vineyard: 95%
  6. State percentage leeway for alcohol labeling
    • 7-14% can opt for table wine without any %
    • <14% must be accurate within +- 1.5%
    • >14% must be accurate +- 1.0%
  7. State the percentage of USA wine produced in CA
  8. State the rough number of wineries in California
  9. State what labeling law is different between CA & USA
    State requirements: 100% for CA and only 75% for USA
  10. Name California’s 4 large regional AVAs
    • North Coast
    • Central Coast
    • South Coast
    • Sierra Foothills
  11. Name the AVAs in Mendocino
    • Anderson Valley
    • Cole Ranch
    • McDowell Valley
    • Mendocino AVA
    • Potter Valley
    • Mendocino Ridge
    • Redwood Valley
    • Yorkville Highlands
    • Dos Rios
    • Covelo
  12. Name the grapes allowed in Coro Mendocino wines
    • Zinfandel
    • Syrah
    • Petite Sirah
    • Carignane
    • Sangiovese
    • Grenache
    • Dolcetto
    • Charbono
    • Barbera
    • Primitivo
  13. Name the county with the highest % of organic vineyards
  14. Name the smallest AVA in USA
    Cole ranch
  15. Name the AVA that is the star for Pinot Noir and Sparkling wines
    Anderson Valley
  16. State roughly what % of all CA wine is made in Napa
  17. State the rough width and length of Napa Valley
    30 miles length and 4 miles width
  18. State the name of the sequence that formed Napa’s eastern mountains 150 million years ago
    Great Valley Sequence
  19. State the name of the formation that pushed up new land mass to the west 150 million years ago
    Franciscan Formation
  20. Name the eastern & western mountain ranges that frame Napa Valley today
    • Vaca Mountains to the East
    • Macayamas Mountains to the West
  21. Name the mountain at the far north of the Napa Valley
  22. Mt. St. Helena
  23. Name the person to plane 1st grape vines in Napa & the year
  24. George Yount in 1838
  25. Name the 2 winning wines from the 1976 Judgement of Paris & the year
  26. 1973 Chateau Montalena- Chardonnay
    1973 Stag’s Leap Cab Sauv
  27. State the year the Ag preserve was established and what it is
    1968- Legislation that protects designated land for agriculture only
  28. Name the 17 AVAs within the Napa Valley
    • 1.        Napa Valley
    • 2.       Los Carneros
    • 3.       Oak Knoll District
    • 4.       Yountville
    • 5.       Stags Leap
    • 6.       Oakville
    • 7.       Rutherford
    • 8.       St. Helena
    • 9.       Spring Mountain
    • 10.   Diamond Mountain
    • 11.   Howell Mountain
    • 12.   Coombsville
    • 13.   Mount Veeder
    • 14.   Atlas Peak
    • 15.   Chiles Valley
    • 16.   Calistoga
    • 17.   Wild Horse
  29. State which side of the valley floor generally has more volcanic vs gravel soils
    East Side- Vaca Mountains contain more volcanic soils
  30. Name the AVA that usually has the highest daytime temperatures and why
    St. Helena due to protection from hills, less fog and wind, narrowing of valley floor provides more heat reflection off the hillsides
  31. Name the AVA in Napa that usually has the coolest day temps and why
    Los Carneros- marine air from San Pablo Bay
  32. State roughly what percentage of Napa’s harvest is Cabernet Sauvignon
  33. Name all 6 counties that make up the North Coast AVA
    • Lake
    • Marin
    • Mendocino
    • Napa
    • Sonoma
    • Solano
  34. Name the AVAs of Lake County
    • Benmore Valley
    • Clear Lake: High Valley
    • Clear Lake: Red Hills 
    • Guenoc Valley
    • Clear Lake: Big Valley (pending)
    • Clear Lake:Kelsey Bench (pending)
  35. Name the most widely planted red & white grapes of Lake county
    Cab Sauv (39%) and Sauv Blanc (21%)
  36. Name the first single winery AVA in USA
    Guenoc Valley
  37. Name the geographical feature that divides Napa & Lake counties
    Mount St. Helena
  38. Name the lake at center of Lake County
    Clear Lake
  39. Name the primary soil type of Red Hills of Lake County AVA
    Red Volcanic Soils
  40. Name the 8 counties of the Sierra foothills AVA
    • Amador
    • Calaveras
    • El Dorado
    • Mariposa
    • Nevada
    • Placer
    • Tolumne
    • Yuba
  41. Name the 5 Sierra foothills AVAs and their county
    • North Yuba AVA- Yuba county
    • California Shenandoah Valley AVA- El Dorado and Amador County
    • El Dorardo AVA- El Dorardo County
    • Fair Play AVA- El Dorado County
    • Fiddletown AVA- Amador County
  42. State what all AVAs in Sierras share geographically and climatically
    • High Elevation
    • Hot days and cool nights
  43. State the rough number of wineries in all of the Sierra foothills
  44. State 2 unique features of Fair Play AVA
    • Sandy Loam over large granite monolith
    • Highest elevation in Sierras
  45. Name the most widely planted red & white grapes of Sierra Foothills
    • Zin (40%), Cab Sauv (11%), Syrah (10%)
    • Chardonnay (5%)
  46. Name the 4 counties that surround Sonoma
    • Mendocino
    • Lake
    • Napa
    • Marin
  47. Name the most widely planted white and red grapes of Sonoma County
    Chardonnay and Cab Sauv
  48. Name the only AVA that overlaps into Napa
    Los Carneros
  49. Name the new sub-AVA of Sonoma Coast
    Fort Ross- Seaview
  50. Name the largest AVA in Sonoma County
    Sonoma Coast
  51. Name Sonoma’s AVA with the highest average summer temperature
    Knights Valley
  52. Name 2 Sonoma AVAs known for Zinfandel
    • Dry Creek
    • Rockpile
  53. Name 2 Sonoma AVAs known for Cabernet Sauvignon
    • Alexander Valley
    • Knights Valley
  54. Name 2 Sonoma AVAs known for sparkling wine
    • Los Carneros
    • Green Valley
  55. Name the geographical feature that cools Carneros
    San Pablo Bay
  56. Name the break in the coastal range that allows fog & cool breezes into the Russian River
    Petaluma Gap
  57. State the name native Americans had for Sonoma Valley which was also used by author, Jack London
    Valley of the Moon
  58. State the translation of the Spanish word Carneros
  59. Name 6 AVAs nested within Northern Sonoma AVA
    • Alexander Valley
    • Chalk Hill
    • Dry Creek
    • Green Valley
    • Knights Valley
    • Russian River
  60. Name the 10 counties in the Central Coast AVA
    • San Francisco
    • Alameda
    • Contra Costa
    • San Mateo
    • Santa Cruz
    • San Benito
    • Monterey
    • San Luis Obispo
    • Santa Barbara
  61. Name sub-AVA where San Francisco Bay was drafted
    Central Coast
  62. Name AVA with San Francisco Bay that is warm, windy, & fog free
    Livermore Valley
  63. Name the first AVA defined by a mountain range
    Santa Cruz Mountains
  64. Name the AVA that overlaps Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties
    Santa Clara Valley AVA
  65. Name the AVA that overlaps Santa Cruz and San Benito counties
    Pacheco Pass
  66. Name the dominant grape of eastern Santa Cruz Mountains
    Cabernet Sauvignon
  67. Name the dominant grape of western Santa Cruz mountains
    • Pinot Noir
    • Chardonnay

  68. Name the winery & vineyard that won the 2006 Paris re-match
    The Ridge- Monte Bello
  69. State the number of sub-AVAs in Lodi
  70. State the counties & valley Lodi is within
  71. San Joaquin, Sacramento
  72. Name the cooling influence on Lodi
    The Delta
  73. Name the most widely planted grape of Lodi
  74. Name the AVA that overlaps Yolo, Sacramento, & Solano counties
  75. Name the largest AVA in California
    Cental Coast
  76. Name the AVA that overlaps San Benito and Monterey counties
  77. Name the only winery of Mount Harlan AVA
  78. Name the soil type shared by Mount Harlan and Chalone
  79. Name the primary grapes of Mount Harlan and Chalone
    • Chardonnay
    • Pinot Noir
  80. Name the mountain range that divides San Benito and Monterey
    Gavilan Mountains
  81. Name the primary grapes of Carmel Valley
    Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot
  82. Name the primary grapes of Santa Lucia Highlands
    • Pinot Noir
    • Chardonnay
  83. Name the river valley that Santa Lucia Highlands overlook
    Salinas River
  84. Name the most widely planted grape in all of Monterey County
  85. Explain Monterey’ “Thermal Rainbow”
    • o    Forty degree temperature variance, north to south, on a summer day
    • o    Ocean air/winds act as an “air conditioning system”, mitigating temperatures and extending growing season
    • o    Dictates the proper varietal planting choices for each sub-appellation
  86. Name all 5 AVAs of San Luis Obispo County
    • Paso Robles
    • York Mountain
    • Edna Valley
    • Arroyo Grande
    • Santa Maria
  87. Name AVA that overlaps SLO and Santa Barbara counties
    Santa Maria
  88. Name the primary grapes of Edna Valley AVA
    • Chardonnay
    • Pinto Noir
  89. State 2 reasons for Edna Valley’s climate differing from Paso Robles
    • Gap coastal mountains where Los Osos Valley meets in Marrow Bay to North
    • Cool sea breezes and morning fog
  90. State the Winkler Region # range for Arroyo Grande AVA
    I, II, & III
  91. Name the dominant grapes of western Arroyo Grande and eastern Arroyo Grande
    • West: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
    • East: Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Rhone varietals
  92. Define Transverse Range and state where it is found
    • A group of mountain ranges of southern California, in the Pacific Coast Ranges physiographic region in North America. 
    • Begin at the southern end of the California Coast Ranges and lie between Santa Barbara and San Diego counties.
    • They derive the name Transverse Ranges due to their East-West orientation, making them transverse to the general North-South orientation of most of California's coastal mountains.
  93. Define Coriolis Effect and state where it is found
    • An up-swelling of deep cold currents near the coast due to the cold winds blowing from the north move surface waters offshore, driven by the earth’s west to east rotation (the Coriolis effect).
    • It impacts the entire coast but most strongly Monterey to Santa Barbara
  94. State 2 reasons for York Mountain and Westside Paso Robles being cooler than Eastside Paso Robles
    • Templeton Gap 
    • Morro Bay
  95. Name the most widely planted grape of Paso Robles AVA
    • Cabernet Sauvignon (38%)
    • Merlot (15%)
    • Syrah (10%)
    • Zin (9%)
  96. Name the largest undivided AVA in California
    Paso Robles
  97. Discuss the 2 competing proposals for the division of the above AVA
    Splitting up Paso Robles into two or eleven sub appellations
  98. Define conjunctive labeling
    Labeling of a wine to show both region and sub-region (AVA) of origin, ( i.e. Paso Robles AVA, Adelaida District or Paso Robles AVE, Creston District.)
  99. Name the fastest growing AVA in California
    Paso Robles
  100. Discuss the pending division of the Paso Robles AVA
    11 new AVAs pending approval with conjunctive labeling
  101. State what caused large increase in wineries in Santa Barbara since 1980s
    Amerine & Winkler identified region as ideal for viticulture
  102. Define Humboldt Current
    AKA Peru Current: a cold low salinity ocean current that flows from the south to the north westward along the west coast of South America from the southern tip of Chile to northern Peru. This also affects the California Coast
  103. Name 2 East-West running rivers in Santa Barbara County
    • Santa Maria River
    • Santa Ynez River
  104. Name 2 AVAs within Santa Ynez AVA
    • Sta. Rita Hills
    • Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara
  105. Name the most widely planted grape of Sta. Rita Hills
    • Pinot Noir
    • Chardonnay
  106. State why Santa Rita Hills was changed to Sta Rita Hills
    Due to protest from Chili Winery called Santa Rita Winery
  107. Define Chert soils
    Microcrystalline sedimentary rock material composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2)
  108. Name the primary grapes of Happy Canyon
    Bordeaux and Rhone Varietals
  109. State reason Sta. Rita Hills is cooler than Happy Canyon
    Morning and Evening Fog
  110. State specifically where California’s first wines were planed
    • South Coast AVA
    • 1769 Mission San Diego de Alcala (First Mission and First Vines)
  111. Name 5 counties in the South Coast AVA
    • Los Angeles County
    • Orange County
    • Riverside County
    • San Bernardino County
    • San Diego County
  112. Name the 4.5 AVAs in Los Angeles County
    • Malibu-Newton Canyon AVA
    • Saddle Rock Malibu Canyon AVA
    • Leona Valley AVA
    • Sierra Pelona Valley
    • Antelope Valley of the California High Desert AVA (Also in Kern County)
  113. State the 2 major threats facing Temecula and Cucamonga
    • Late 1990s half of vineyards destroyed by Glassy-Winged Sharpshooters delivery of Pierce’s Disease
    • Urban Sprawl: Housing and strip Malls
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