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  1. the primary goal of the surgeon is the correction of ___
  2. the primary goal of the tech is the _____
    patients life
  3. single celled organism that creates parasitic disease
  4. 2 ex of protozoans
    • toxoplasma
    • coccidia
  5. plants that exist as parasites
    they cant synthesize their own food
    cause skin dz
  6. major concern when cleaning/sterilizing
  7. prevention of hospital aquired infx is a result of ____
    pre and post sx
  8. occurs over boney providence
    urine scolding is common along with this
    prevented through moving pt
    decubital ulcer aka
    bed sore
  9. 3 things that can be done to eliminate or control a source of dz
    • quarantine
    • isolation
    • euthanasia
  10. what factors effect a pts susceptibility to dz?
    • diet
    • therapeutic agents
    • abx
    • vaccines
    • hygeine
  11. 3 things that should be done to prevent transmission of microbes
    • wash hands
    • ventilation
    • physical control
    • chemical control
  12. 3 physical control methods?
    • filtration
    • radiation
    • heat
  13. the use of a filter to separate particulate matter from liquids or gases
    commonly used on pharmaceuticals
  14. this is primarily used during production and packaging of certain sx products like gloves and suture material
  15. what are the 3 types of radiation?
    • UV
    • gamma
    • beta
  16. this type of radiation has a drying effect that causes mutations of nucleic acid in MOs
    used on surfaces and air
  17. type of radiation that is rapid and continuous
  18. this radiation is used to prepackage suture, gloves, and rubber tubing
  19. the most common method of sterilization
  20. what are the 2 types of heat?
    • moist
    • dry
  21. this type of heat sterilization is done by either boiling or steam under pressure
    kills microbes by coagulating critical cellular proteins
    moist heat
  22. type of heat sterilization that is difficult to control
    longer sterilization pd, kills microbes by protein oxidation
    dry heat
  23. type of moist heat
    only sanitizes at 60C or 140F & higher
    sanitizin can be increased with scrubbing and detergent
    doesnt sterilize
    ex: auto dishwashers/ clothes washers
    hot water
  24. type of moist heat (2)
    rarely used because spores and viruses are not killed @ this temp for long pds of time
    only disinfects
    max temp 212F 100C
    • boiling
    • free flowing steam
  25. what method of sterilizing do autoclaves use?
    steam under pressure
  26. kills all forms of microbial life including spores and cyts
  27. an autoclave is run for ___ mins, at ____ temp and ____ psi
    • 30
    • 250-270F
    • 15psi
  28. why is tap water not used with the autoclave?
    tap water has minerals that will deposit and clog over time
  29. ideally we should use ____ water in the autoclave
  30. the autoclave (at school) automatically opens when the temp reaches ___, but it should sit b.c of ____
    • 212F
    • steam
  31. what is the procedure for flash sterilization?
    3-4 mins unwrapped @ 270-272F 15psi
  32. what 3 things allow for proper sterilization in the autoclave?
    • operation of autoC
    • pack prep
    • chamber loading
  33. drying uses _____ free from _____
    • dry air
    • water vapor
  34. drying kills MOs through ____
  35. what is the one major benefit of dry heat?
    doesnt corrode/dull instruments/needles
  36. what is important to remember about using dry heat and the evaporation process?
    • this basically aersolizes whatever was on those tools.
    • this will increase dispersal of MOs
  37. this method of dry sterilization gives complete destruction of materials that are non-reusable and have no value
    ex: paper drapes
  38. w/ incineration, the material must b completely reduced to ash because if there are clumps ____ may still be present/protected
  39. a hot air oven needs a temp of ____-____C or ____F for ____ hours.
    • 150-170C
    • 340F
    • 3 hours
  40. this method of dry sterilization doesnt dull/corrode metals/sharps
    takes longer/requires higher temp
    paper, cloth, plastic and rubber should not be sterilized this way
    hot air ovens
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