1. impaction
    • 1. the act of one body, object, etc, striking another; collision
      2. the force with which one thing hits another or with which two objects collide
  2. idopathic
    unknown cause of a disease
  3. homotype
    an organ or part having a structure similar to that of another organ or part; homologue.
  4. habituation
    physiological tolerance to or dependence on a drug, short of addiction.
  5. gradient
    the degree of inclination, or the rate of ascent or descent.

    the rate of change
  6. ganglion
    a mass of nerve tissue existing outside the CNS.

    any masses of gray matter in the brain
  7. fester
    to form pus, to cause ulceration; foreign body in the flesh
  8. faculative
    priviege, the power of doing or not doing anything, one's option.
  9. eschar
    a hard crust or scab
  10. eccentric
    unusual, odd, behavior pattern.
  11. deferens
    carrying away
  12. dactyl
    finger or toe
  13. conduit
    to connect two organs
  14. chronic
    slow illness but stays very long
  15. bias
    prejudices, one sided
  16. ballottable
    use of papitation to detect movement
  17. actin
    protein forming muscle fibers
  18. access
    means of approach
  19. abrasions
    sore or cute caused by friction
  20. assimilated
    to absorb
  21. celestial
    relationg to the sky or heavens
  22. console
    to help and comfort when in grief
  23. contracted
    to decrease; to make smaller
  24. degree
    a measure of damage caused by illness
  25. deteriorated
    decaying and getting smaller over time
  26. dilated
    to increase, to make bigger
  27. domestic
    pertaining relating to running a home
  28. flaccid
    soft, lack of firmness
  29. hierarchy
    a system or organization in which people are ranked one above another
  30. incumbent
    the holder of an office or post
  31. indigent
    poor or needy
  32. labyrinth
    internal ear
  33. oblivious
  34. organic
    pertaining to an organ
  35. pernicious
    highly injurious
  36. placate
    to smooth or modify
  37. restoration
    to reconstruct something back to the orginal state
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