PhVerbs Headway Upper 02

  1. I think it's getting too hot in Buenos Aires. Do you think we should have an a.c. ______ in?
    to put in central heating/ an air conditioner
  2. Let me talk it _______ with my family. I cannot decide what to do now.
    talk sth over
  3. Take _______ those decorations. I really don't like them.
    take out sth (remove)
  4. I've already rented an apartment but am not sure when I'll ______ in.
    to move in
  5. Come and help me _____ this poster up, please.
    to put a poster up
  6. This sofa is way too old. We should _______ it out.
    throw sth out = throw sth away
  7. I locked myself in because the knob _____ off and I couldn't open the door.
    to come off
  8. There's a problem with an account. Will you please see _____ it?
    see to sth
  9. I've been thinking of doing the kitchen _____. I'd like to have a more modern place to cook in.
    to do sth up
  10. It's a bargain. ______ it over and tell me what you'd like to do.
    Think sth over
  11. Don't tell me how to behave. An Englishman's home .....
    An Englishman's home is his castle.
  12. _______ yourself at home and tell me if there's anything in particular you need.
    Make yourself at home.
  13. They are so friendly! Every time I stay at their place it's home ....
    It's home from home.
  14. ______ in/out this form and submit it over there.
    Fill in/out a form
  15. Who will be _______ the repairs? I'm no good!
    do repairs
  16. Find out where he is and ______ back to me asap!
    get back to sbd
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