LAW 8 flight Planning and Preparation

  1. What Elements constitute correct pre-flight prep
    • Current Met Info
    • Fuel requirements
    • Alternatives available
    • Known or Likely Traffic
    • Status of Coms and Navs to be used
    • Aerodrome conditions
    • Take off and Landing distance in POH
    • Engine in-operative emergency procedures.
  2. Alternates Part 91, state met minima that would require an alt to be nominated
    IFR- 1 hour before to 1 hour after eta

    Ceiling is 1000ft or less above published minima for approach

    Viz will be 5 km or less (or 2km more than publish minimum)
  3. State the Alternate Requirements for part 121 flight.
    Part 121 flight cannot depart if weather at destination at eta is forecast to be below minimums.

    • Unless:
    • At least one alternate meets the part 91 (1000ft - 5km) requirements

    • Both alternates meet the part 91.405b requirements
    • i) Precision approach ceiling 600ft or 200 above mda and 3000m or 1000 above viz
    • ii) Non Precision ceiling 800ft or 200 above mda, and 4000m or 1500m above viz
  4. Alternates - state requirements time wise for for 121/125 IFR op to nominate an alternate, if weather is OK to take off , but below mins to land. ie when there is a problem and you cant land back at departure aerodrome?
    Twin engine - within 1 hour on one engine in still air

    3 or more engines - within two hours on one engine inop
  5. Alternates, what are the met minimum for an aerodrome to be nominates as an alternate Part 91
    Alternate minima specified on approach plate for aerodrome or:

    • For Precision approach:
    • i) Ceiling of 600ft or 200 above MDA
    • ii) Viz 3000m or 1000m above minima

    • For non-Precision approach:
    • i) Ceiling  800ft or 200 above MDA
    • ii) Viz 4000m or 1500 above MDA

    If not IFR procedure, VFR mins must be met below IFR enroute minimums
  6. Alternate: Power requirements?
    Must have secondary power supply for ground Nav Aids

    Aerodrome light for night ops
  7. state Take Off minima required if takeoff mins are not published part 91
    300ft Ceiling and 1500m Viz

    Ceiling means covering half the sky below 20,000ft remember
  8. Where is the Datum on the airfield for MDA and DA?

    What about for Alternate minima
    DA - height above threshold elevation

    MDA - height above AD or the threshold if it is more than 7ft below AD elevation

    Circling is always height above AD of course

    Alt minima are always above AD elevation too
  9. Fuel Requirements under IFR Part 91

    Piston and Turbine
    fly to dest (and alt if alt is required) plus

    Piston - 45mins at hold speed at 1500ft above AD elevation

    Turbine - 30mins at hold speed at 1500ft above AD elevation
  10. State the lead time for filing an IFR flight plan
    min 30 mins before ETD
  11. (1) Can PIC deviate from flight plan?

    (2) What must PIC do with inadvertent deviation from flight plan?

    No - unless clearance is given or if in an emergency (ATC must be told asa practical)


    • Advise ATC of
    • i) Any deviation off track
    • ii) change of 5% of more of TAS (0.01 or MACH)
    • iii) Revised ETA when out by 2 mins or more
    • -- then regain track as soon as practicable
  12. State VFR mins under part 121
    500ft above obstacle! no exeptions
  13. Director can issue callsigns to what kind of operations?
    • Regular Air Transport
    • Search and Rescue service
    • Medical transfer service
    • Police ops authorised by Commissioner of Police
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