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  1. opprobrium
    • d: infamy, disgrace
    • p: uh-proh-bree-uh m

    s: They're going ahead with the plan despite publicopprobrium.
  2. wheedle
    • d: to influence or persuade
    • p: weed-l

    s: She pleaded and wheedled, but I wouldn't be swayed.
  3. craven
    • d: coward
    • p: krey-vuh n

    s: <a craven refusal to deliver the unwelcome news personally>
  4. fortuitous
    • d: accidental; fortunate, lucky
    • p: fawr-too-i-tuh s

    s: from a cost standpoint, the company's timing is fortuitous
  5. corroborate
    • d: confirm
    • p: kuh-rob-uh-reyt

    s: the witnesses corroborated the policeman's testimony
  6. malevolent
    • d: evil, harmful
    • p:

    s: <the novel grossly oversimplified the conflict as a struggle between relentlessly malevolent villains on one side and faultless saints on the other>
  7. morose
    • d: gloomily
    • p: 

    s: He became morose and withdrawn and would not talk to anyone.
  8. misanthrope
    • d: distrustful, hater of humankind
    • p: mis-uhn-throhp

    s: <a former misanthrope who now professes a newly discovered love of mankind>
  9. inopportune
    • d: inappropriate, not opportune, inconvenient
    • p: 

    s: He always shows up at the most inopportune times.
  10. insipid
    • d: boring, w/o interesting qualities
    • p: 

    s: <an apple pie with a mushy, insipid filling that strongly resembled soggy cardboard>
  11. inured
    • d: to accustom to hardship; to take/have effect
    • p: in-yered

    s: the man had inured to the cold
  12. propitiate
    • d: appease, make favourably inclined
    • p: pruh-pish-ee-eyt

    s: the waiter propitiated the annoyed customer in an attempt to get a larger tip
  13. amalgamate
    • d: mix, merge, combine, unite
    • p: un-mal-guh-mate

    s: bronze is made by amalgamating copper and tin
  14. retard
    • d: delay, slow, hinder/impede
    • p: rih-tahrd

    s: The problems have retarded the progress of the program.
  15. unfeigned
    • d: sincere, not feigned
    • p: uhn-feynd

    s: <the young soprano retains an unfeigned humility that is surprising, given the critical acclaim she has received>
  16. irascible
    • d: very irate, easily provoked
    • p: ih-rasiuh-buhl

    s: he has an irascible disposition
  17. harangue
    • d: scolding; intense verbal attack
    • p: huh-rang

    s: the soup nazi harangued the inattentive customer
  18. miser
    • d: stingy
    • p: my-ser

    s: Uncle Pennybags was rich but miserly
  19. implacable
    • d: not to be appeased, inexorable
    • p: im-plak-uh-buh l

    s: <an implacable judge who knew in his bones that the cover-up extended to the highest levels of government>
  20. nonplussed
    • d: puzzled; perplexed
    • p: non-pluhs

    s: <I was nonplussed by his openly expressed admiration of me.>
  21. viscous
    • d: a glutinous nature or consistency; thick, slow
    • p: vis-kuh s

    s: molasses is extremely viscous
  22. admonish
    • d: scold; caution, adivse or counsel against something
    • p: admon-ish

    s: <my physician is always admonishing me to eat more healthy foods>
  23. restitution
    • d: restoration of (or compensation for) property/rights previously taken away; restoration to fomer/original state or position
    • p: res-ti-too-shuh n

    s: the restitution of her stolen property
  24. convention
    • d: meeting or formal assembly;
    • agrement, compact or contract; international agreement;
    • a rule, melhod or practice established by custom
    • p: kuh n-ven-shuh n

    s:  the convention of showing north at the top of a map.
  25. unfettered
    • d: to free from restraint, liberate
    • p: uhn-fet-er

    s: <authorities eventually unfettered the menagerie of wild animals that had been kept illegally as pets>
  26. taciturn
    • d: inclined to silence; stern and silent in expression
    • p: tas-i-turn

    s: a taciturn man, he almost never initiates a conversation
  27. eradicate
    • d: to remove or destroy utterly
    • p: ih-rad-i-keyt

    s: His ambition is to eradicate poverty in his community.
  28. effrontery
    • d: shameless or impuent boldness; barefaced audacity
    • p: ih-fruhn-tuh-ree

    s: She had the effrontery to ask for two free samples.
  29. rhetoric
    • d: use of exaggeration; study/ability of the effective use of language
    • p: ret-er-ik

    s: <the mayor's promise to fight drugs was just rhetoric, since there was no money in the city budget for a drug program>
  30. spurious
    • d: not genuine, counterfeit; bastard
    • p: spyoo r-ee-uh s

    s: <a spurious Picasso painting that wouldn't have fooled an art expert for a second>
  31. vexation
    • d: irritation, annoyance
    • p: vek-sey-shuh n

    s: <the repeated vexations guaranteed that she wouldn't get any work done>
  32. laconic
    • d: concise
    • p: luh-kon-ik

    s: <the sportscaster's color commentary tends to be laconicbut very much to the point>
  33. intemperance
    • d: lack of moderation/restraint; excessive indulgence
    • p: in-tem-ter-uh ns

    s: <in his harangue on the perils of drink, the prohibitionist claimed that intemperance has always been the number one destroyer of marriages>
  34. marginal
    • d: situation on the border, outer limits
    • p: mahr-juh-nl

    s: There has been only a marginal improvement in her condition.
  35. mitigate
    • d: to make less severe
    • p: mit-i-geyt

    s: Emergency funds are being provided to help mitigate the effects of the disaster.
  36. antipathy
    • d: aversion
    • p: an-tip-uh-thee

    s: There has always been strong antipathy between the two groups.
  37. phlegmatic
    • d: not easily excited, apathetic, calm
    • p: fleg-mati-ik

    s: <a strangely phlegmatic response to what should have been happy news>
  38. deference
    • d: respectful or courteous
    • p: def-er-uh ns

    s: He is shown much deference by his colleagues.
  39. prodigal
    • d: wasteful/recklessly extravagant
    • p: prod-i-guh l

    s: <the prodigal child always spent her allowance the minute she got it>
  40. intrepid
    • d: fearless; dauntless
    • p: in-trep-id

    s: <an intrepid explorer who probed parts of the rain forest never previously attempted>
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