Science Test Chap. 7 4th grade

  1. To spin around is to...
  2. Chunks of rock or metal that orbit the sun.
  3. A hollow area, or pit, in the ground is called...
  4. Chunks of ice and other material that move in long, narrow orbits.
  5. To move around an object.
  6. A hot sphere of gases that gives off energy.
  7. The path a revolving objects moves along.
  8. A pattern or picture outlined by stars.
  9. A real or imaginary line that a spinning object turns around.
  10. A satellite of the sun.
  11. The cycle of day and night is caused by...
    Earth's rotation
  12. Earth's trip around the sun takes how long?
    One year
  13. What causes Earth's seasons?
    Earth's tilted axis as it revolves around the sun.
  14. What is the name of the phase of the moon when it is between the sun and the Earth?
    New moon
  15. True or false?  Earth is the closest planet to the sun.
  16. True or false?  Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun.
  17. True or false?  Mercury is the fourth planet from the Sun.
  18. True or false?  Venus is the third planet from the sun.
  19. What characteristics do the inner planets share?
    • They are the closest planets to the sun
    • They are warmer and smaller than the other planets
    • They are made of solid, rock-like materials
  20. Which two planets are the largest in the solar system?
    Saturn and Jupiter
  21. How does the distance from the sun effect the length of the planet's year?
    The farther from the sun the longer the year.
  22. Why does the moon have very hot days and freezing cold nights?
    I has no atmosphere
  23. When the astronauts walked on the moon they left foot prints that will remain on the moon's surface for a very long time, why?
    Without air or water to blow or wash them away they will stay until something else hits that surface.
  24. What keeps the solar system in orbit?
    The gravity between the sun and its planets.
  25. All of the outer planets with the exception of Pluto are...
    Made mostly of gas.
  26. The sun is...
    • A star
    • Made up of gases, mainly hydrogen
    • Providing heat and light for the planets.
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