Medical Terminology Chapter 11

  1. hilum
    an area of indentation on the medial surface of the kidney
  2. renal artery
    enters at the hilum
  3. renal cortex
    just beneath the capsule
  4. medulla
    contains the renal pyramid
  5. renal pyramids
    triangular-shaped areas within the medulla
  6. minor calix
    an area that drains urine
  7. major calix
    common area into which the minor calices drain
  8. renal pelvis
    a large funnel-shaped cavity that then narrows to become the ureter.
  9. ureteral orifices
    the openings into the bladder on its posterior side
  10. fundus
    the rounded top of the bladder
  11. rugae
    folds within the bladder
  12. nephron
    a microscopic structure is the functional unit of the kidney and the site of urine production
  13. glomerular capsule
    the first part of the nephron
  14. glomerulus
    a network of intertwining capillaries
  15. filtrate
    the solution of waste products, water, and nutritional substances.  Flows into the priximal convoluted tubule
  16. proximal convoluted tubule
    water and nutritional substances move out of the tubule and return to the blood
  17. distal convoluted tubule
    water, eletrolytes, as well as amino acids and other nutritional substances are reabsorbed
  18. collecting duct
    last place where reabsorption occurs before urine.
  19. micturition
    making urine
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