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  1. kinesiology
    study of mechanics of human movement
  2. anatomical position
    universally accepted reference position used to  describe regions and spatial relationships of the human body and to refer body position
  3. biomechanics
    branch of science that applies the principles of mechanics to living organisms.
  4. torque
    moment of force
  5. strength training routine
    higher weight, lower reps
  6. endurance training routine
    lower weight, higher reps
  7. work
    metabolic measure of the volume of activity a person has completed
  8. active muscle force
    tension - muscle contracting force
  9. passive muscle force
    force generated by not by the muscle itself, but by application of an outside force to prestretch the muscle.
  10. exercise physiology
    study of how the body systems react to the stress of exercise
  11. VO2max
    maximal oxygen consumption, most widely recognized measure of cardiorespiratory endurance.  Highest rate of oxygen transport  and use that can be achieved at maximal physical exertion.
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