005 Trial Closes and Commitment Questions

  1. Qualify Close
    Just so I can get this straight, if I can find you the perfect vehicle, 4x4, Quad Cab, Tow, Hemi in darker shades and keep your payments at $550 with $1000 down, surely we could move forward today, right?
  2. Insurance Trial
    Who will be insuring your new Ram? (Then call them and attempt to add the policy)
  3. Title Trial
    Whose name will you be titling your new vehicle in; yours, company name, or you and your spouse?
  4. Gas Station
    It seems that we have found the perfect vehicle, since we are already here, why don't I go ahead and put a full tank of gas in it to expedite the process.
  5. 1 to 10 Scale
    On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the perfect vehicle, how would you rate the vehicle we have selected? What makes it a 10?
  6. Sold Lane
    Just pull in to this spot on the end, into our Sold lane.
  7. Weekend / Vacation Trial
    Do you have any big plans to take your new Ram on this weekend? Any Travel plans?
  8. Driveway / Garage Trial
    This truck would look great in your driveway, wouldn't it?
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005 Trial Closes and Commitment Questions
Trial Closes and Commitment Questions