002 Meet and Greet

  1. Customer approached
    Hello, welcome to Hendrick Dodge, My name is Kegan, and you are?
  2. John.
    And your last name?
  3. Smith
    Nice to meet you Mr. Smith. Do you mind if I call you John?
  4. Not at all
    Great, were you here to see anyone in particular today?
  5. No, just looking at Dodge Rams.
    Great, well you came to the right place. Were you looking for something new or pre-owned?
  6. New.
    Were you looking for something with 4 doors or 2 doors?
  7. 4 doors, I would prefer the new Crew Cab.
    Great choice, were you looking for something fuel efficient or something sporty?
  8. A little of both. I really like the Hemi!
    Yeah, that power and capability of going from 8 to 4 cylinders is awesome... were you looking for basic transportation or something a little nicer?
  9. Something a little nicer, but not too fancy.
    Ok, I have a lot of choices, do you need 4x4 or will 4x2 work?
  10. 4x2 is just fine.
    Great, and do you prefer lighter or darker shades?
  11. Darker shades.
    Were you adding a new ram or replacing something?
  12. Just adding. I don't have anything to trade.
    Just so I can get you the most vehicle for your money, what kind of payment range were you hoping for?
  13. $450
    Up to?
  14. No more than $500
    Most of our customers put anywhere from 10 to 20 % as an initial investment. Now were you planning on doing that or a little bit more?
  15. I wanted to put no money down.
    Ok, but you weren't planning on financing your taxes and tags, were you? That would be paying interest on your taxes.
  16. No, I can at least do that.
    Just so I get this straight, if we find the perfect truck, a new Dodge Ram with 4 doors, perferably the new Crew Cab, with a Hemi, with 2WD and in darker shades, and keep your payments around $500 per month with your taxes and tags as initial investment, surely we could move forward today, right?
  17. Slow down, we haven't even picked out a truck yet!
    No problem. Follow me!
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002 Meet and Greet
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