Art History

  1. What are the characteristics of art from the Baroque period?
    • means: irregular, contorted, grotesque
    • chiaroscuro, dark/heavy/gory
    • dramatic use of color. chiaroscuro is used to create focus.
    • most paintings are filled with subject matter, often meant to teach a lesson
  2. 3 significant events from the BAROQUE period
    • 1)founding of jamestown, va
    • 2)galileo invents the telescope
    • 3)taj mahal
    • 4)composers handel and bach
  3. CARAVAGGIO; general info
    • -born caravaggio, italy
    • -difficult teenage years, deliquant
    • -commissioned to paint works in several churches
    • -his work is recognized by the pope
    • -the only major artist with a serious criminal record
  4. CARAVAGGIO; bacchus
    • god of wine, the party god
    • Image Upload 1
  5. CARAVAGGIO; the calling of saint matthew
    • -chiaroscuro
    • STORY: (short=jesus is coming to call st. peter to the good side)
    • other details-the people on the right are poor[barefoot]; the people on the left are wealthy, well dressed, they represent guilt/evil; the people on the right represent goodness and poverty/simplicity; saint matthew is levi the tax collector
    • art details-copying michelangelo's painting "the creation of adam" the arm is a metaphorical bridgeImage Upload 2
  6. RUBENS; information
    • *born Germany
    • *highly intelligent
    • *mater painter at age 21
    • *inspired by Michelangelo and Tintoretto
    • *works as court painter for Austrian Archduke
    • *government work as diplomat, ambassador to Spain, negotiator for Hapsburg family
    • *created over 3000 paintings
  7. RUBENS; the judgement of paris
    • story: zeus doesn't want to choose the winner of the beauty contest so he makes paris choose
    • Image Upload 3
  8. VELAZQUEZ; information
    • *born seville, spain
    • *minor noble
    • *works as official painter to king phillip IV of spain
    • *sent to italy by the king to amass art collectionl considered one of the finest art connisseurs to ever live
    • *painted controvedrsial pictures of the royal family
    • *friends with rubens
  9. VELAZQUEZ; las meninas
    • *the maids of honor
    • *people shown in painting-artist, the little girl in painting, reflections of the king and queen in mirror, butler, dog, servants/maids, entertainment(midgets in lower right corner)
    • *while looking at this painting you are the king and queenImage Upload 4
  10. VELAZQUEZ; l'infante marguerite
    • *the girl in this painting can also be found in the painting by the same artist entitled "las meninas"
    • Image Upload 5
  11. REMBRANDT; information
    • *born netherlands
    • *talent obvious at young age
    • *reputation for excellence is known throughout Europe
    • *difficult adult life leads to severe financial problems
    • *best works created in later life
    • *died in poverty
    • *created a vast amount of work during lifetime; more self-portraits than any other artist
    • *character issues
  12. REMBRANDT; return of the prodigal son
    • *story-son who takes inheritance; spends; comes back; bros=whoa what?!; father takes son back
    • Image Upload 6
  13. 3 events from rococo, neoclassicism, romanticism
    • 1) napolean bonaparte
    • 2)ludwig van beethoven, composer
    • 3)american revolution
    • 4)declaration of independence
    • 5)u.s. constitution adopted
    • 6)french revolution
  14. rococo characteristics
    • *ends with french revolution
    • *modern use of rococo=tasteless and overly done
    • *in french means "rocaille"(pebble work)
    • *intricate swirls, fancy, elaborate, overly done, curve, shapes/pastel colors
    • *FRILLY, COLORFUL, LIGHT-think cupcake
    • *more decoration that meanins
    • *lots of emotion, frivolous
    • *most art is for wealthy aristocracy
    • *Oval frames are common
  15. WATTEAU; information
    • *born france
    • *suffers from poor healthy for most of his life
    • *learns by assisting famous dutch artists
    • *works caring for art at Luxembourg Palace
    • *died of tuberculosis
  16. WATTEAU; pilgrimage to Cythera
    event taking place-visiting island of love(Aphrodite) so she will respect them(pilgrimage)
  17. BOUCHER; information
    • *born paris
    • *apprentices with facther and later with local studio
    • *appointed first painter to king louis XV-lived in louvre
    • *works in versailles at queens apartments and for madame de pompadour(kings mistress)
  18. GAINSBOROUGH; information
    • *born england
    • *helps found royal academy of arts
    • *paints for british royal family=king george III
    • *switches towards end of his life to landscapes
    • *demonstrates artistic talent at 13 and is sent to london to study art
    • *moves to bath(resort ares); paints for wealthy tourists
  19. GAINSBOROUGH-famous painting
    blue boy
  20. FRAGONARD; information
    • *born france
    • *studies with boucher and is considered his most talented student
    • *work is accepted by the paris salon
    • *earns a living by painting for wealthy familes
    • *french revolution destroys nobilty and he is left financially ruined
  21. FRAGONARD; the swing
    • *trees are frilly
    • *woman on swing
    • *story; boyfriend is in front of swing(husband cant see), husband is behind swing(boyfriend cant see), the boyfriend knows that the woman is married but the husband doesnt know that the woman is dating another man
    • Image Upload 7
  22. FRAGONARD; the bolt (le verrou)
    • *means door bolt
    • *the girl lured him in room, wants to tempt him
    • *trying to play hard to get
    • *woman wants out, man wont let her out
    • *apple=temptation by the bedImage Upload 8
  23. neo-classicism characteristics
    • *serious, sedate, realistic
    • *subject matter=solid, realistic with a lot of detail
    • *updated version of classical style, pieces are remniscent of greek and roman works
    • *style-reaction to all of thee excess and extravagance in the baroque and rococo periods, pieces tend to be more serious and less emotional
  24. DAVID; information
    • *born france
    • *difficult childhood
    • *studies art in paris
    • *developed interest in political art
    • *french revolution, member of jacobins, imprisoned for crimes against the king
    • *meets napolean bonaparte
    • *becomes napoleans official painter
    • *exiled after napoleans downfall
  25. DAVID; the oath of horatii
    • event taking place:going to war, swearing in allegiance to family and country
    • Image Upload 9
  26. DAVID; the death of socrates
    event taking place: Socratic method, in prison, on trial,, sentenced to death, painting is the moment before he dies, Plato is looking at Socrates, Socrates is pointing up, death bImage Upload 10y poison hemlock, everyone is looking down in sadness
  27. DAVID; the tennis court oath
    event taking place: meeting in secret, planning french revolution, curtains blowing in symbolic, pledging allegiance to idea, chiaroscuroImage Upload 11
  28. INGRES; information
    • *born france
    • *studies in parid with david for 4 years
    • *work is rejected by the paris salon
    • *works as director of french academy(art school in rome, supported by french government)
    • *returns to paris, he is now a celebrated artist
  29. Romanticism characteristics
    • *uplift
    • *subject matter expands(anything is worthy of painting)
    • *art should directly express the artists emotions
    • *characteristics-works is intended to be beautiful, exotic, and full of feeling and emotion
    • *clean lines, revival of greek/roman themes, more emotion
  30. GOYA; information
    • *born spain
    • *child prodigy
    • *applies to royal academy for art program but is rejected everytime
    • *works in rome painting frescoes in churches
    • *appointed to royal tapestry factory
    • *considered one of spains greatest painters
    • *becomes official painter of king charles IV
    • *develops illness causing loss of hearing, work becomes more imaginative, but dark and shows suffering and realism of the times
  31. GOYA; the third of may, 1808
    • *events taking place-
    • people uprising against napoleons rule
    • connect innocence and defenselessness with Jesus
    • Image Upload 12
  32. DELACROIX; information
    • *born france, visits louvre at age 10 and announces that he will be a great painter
    • *by 17 he is considered huge success in world, work is daring and original
    • *aids in french revolution
    • *quote-sketch quickly, etc(if u dont, you can never create a monumental piece of work)
  33. DELACROIX; the death of sardanapalus
    • (king about ready to be killed)
    • everyone is dying vs. the kings belongings being taken awayImage Upload 13
  34. DELACROIX, liberty leading the people
    • central figure in this painting was the inspiration for the statue of liberty
    • Image Upload 14
    • *half hr from paris
    • *very manicured gardens
    • *hall of mirrors-filled with windows, mirrors, and chandeliers
    • --on one end of the hall, there is the war room; on the other, the peace room
    • --- the treaty of versailles was signed in the middle of the hallway
    • *has a show, very hard to get in to
    • *if ur art is there, you now have people who want your art
    • *it is an elite, well respected group of art experts who determine what is good
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