MedIV- Cardiorespiratory Dzs

  1. review anatomy of heart and lungs
    blood flow through the heart
    electrical impulses through the heart
  2. which lung has more lobes?
    what is the lobe that it has, that the other does not?
    • right
    • accessory
  3. heart/lung dz is rarely due to a heart attack or ___ ___
    myocardial infarction
  4. what are the 2 ways to classify heart failure?
    • Left vs Right sided
    • generalized
  5. what are the 5 common CS of cardiac dz?
    • exercise intolerance
    • cough
    • dyspnea
    • weakness
    • syncope
  6. what is the most common cause for cardiac dz?
  7. what are the 7 other possible causes for cardiac dz?
    • idiopathic
    • diet
    • metabolic disorder
    • trauma
    • parasites
    • neoplasia
    • infx dz
  8. what are the 6 dx tests for cardiac dz?
    **which is the "gold standard"?
    • exam
    • radiograph
    • EKG (halter)
    • **U/S
    • BP
    • BW
  9. which sided heart failure is most common?
    *what are the CS?
    • Left
    • *respiratory!
    • pulmonary edema, cough
  10. what does pulmonary edema sound like?
  11. what are the CS of right sided HF?
    fluids built up in body- ascites, pitting edema, pleural effusion
  12. what does a pleural effusion sound like?
    muffled heart noises, drowned out
  13. what is CHF?
    congestive heart failure- failure of both L and R
  14. most types of HF eventually involve __ __
    both sides
  15. what is the vector for HW?
  16. what are the 4 possible hosts for HW?
    • dogs
    • cats
    • ferrets
    • sea lions
  17. where in the heart do adults reside?
    R ventricle and pulmonary artery
  18. how long does it take a microfilaria to mature in the host?
  19. what is HW disease?
    when HWs clog heart and vessels, causing inflammation and immune reaction
  20. what can dead worms cause?
    • pulmonary thrombosis
    • hypertension
  21. what is the end stage of HW dz called?
    • caval syndrome-
    • entire right side of heart is overwhelmed with worms
  22. what is HW dz in cats commonly referred to?
  23. what is the most common CS of HW dz in dogs?
  24. what are the most common CS of HW dz in cats?
    • resp. dz
    • sudden death
  25. what are the other CS of HW in dogs?
    • anemia
    • lethargy
    • wt loss
    • ascites
    • syncope
  26. how do you dx HW in dogs?
    Snap test- antigens
  27. the amt of antigen in circulation has a direct but imprecise relationship to the ___ of mature F HW
  28. what is the test for MF in dogs?
    • blood smear
    • knotts
    • filter
  29. what are the tests for adults in cats?
  30. what are the tests of MF in cats?
    antibody tests
  31. review knotts test process!
  32. review difil test process!
  33. what spp can HW commonly get mistaken for?
    acanthocheilonema reconditum
  34. what does A. reconditum look like compared to HW?
    • A- curved tail, blunt head, moves
    • HW- straight tail, tapered head, usually doesnt move
  35. what is the adulticide for dogs?
    immiticide- melarsomine (2 doses)
  36. what is the MFicide for dogs?
    except in ___
    • ivermectin
    • except in collies
  37. what is the adulticide in cats?
    • none!
    • steroids, bronchodilators
  38. what is the MFicide in cats?
    • none!
    • prevention!
  39. occult HW infx-
    more common in ___
    • not detectable, no MF, or no females
    • cats
  40. what are the 4 major classes of preventatives?
    • ivermectin
    • milbemycin
    • selamectin
    • moxidectin
  41. when should
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