Test #3

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  1. During what process does the patient develop their initial impression of a nurse?
    During admission = begin to gain a rapport with the patient
  2. How does the nurse display a caring demeanor while admitting a patient to the hospital?
    introduce themselves, and their credentials
  3. The nurse needs to begin the process by exhibiting what type of behavior while admitting the patient?
    Using the patient's surname, avoid using the patients first name
  4. What location do most patients prefer to recover from their illness or injury?
    their home
  5. What are some interventions that the nurse would use to reduce anxiety level?
    • Explain whats happeningĀ 
    • allow the family to stay if allowed
    • encourage patient ask questions
  6. What are some interventions the nurse may use in dealing with a patient who just received a life threatening diagnosis?
    • listenĀ 
    • don't answer any questions in the hall, nursing station, or anywhere anyone can hear
    • know that you can give info to the patient and ICON
    • answer questions truthfully and tactfully
  7. Why do patients where ID?
    • to prevent errors
    • ensure the right info is given

    • 2 identifiers ( name and DOB)
    • the nurse may be thinking about another patient who may be something/ be distracted/ engaging in a convo
  8. how would the nurse describe a patient's diamond and ruby wedding band?
    general description

    - yellow colored band with clear and red stones
  9. what is subjective data? examples?
    What ever the patient perceives?

    pain, anxiety, feelings, history
  10. Objective Data? Examples?
    whatever is observed

    Vitals, wound description, pt orientation
  11. when should discharge process be initiated?
    on admission
  12. what injury is involved with a bad sprain?
    muscle and ligament damage
  13. which patient would be a potential candidate for amputation?
    anything damaged by trauma, severe decrease in circulation
  14. what diagnostic test would the radiologist complete for ruling out bone fracture on a patient who has a history of bone cancer
    MRI - rule out pathalogical fractures
  15. What signs and symptoms would be most concerning on an orthopedic unit?
    • reddness and swelling, drainage
    • cast, external fixator
    • pain, itching, undercast
    • total hip patient requires assistance with ambulation
  16. how would you document pin site care for a patient in skeletal traction?
    chart what cleansed with observations and treatments done
  17. what observation would the nurse report to the physician with caring for a patient in right leg
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