1. How many lines will the customer receive with the Beyond Voice I Package?
    • 6 lines
    • 5 lines + 1 Mobile
    • 4 lines + 2 Mobile
    • 3 lines + 3 Mobile
  2. How many shared landline/mobile minutes are included with Beyond Voice I?
  3. What types of long distance service are included in the 1500 minutes?
    • Long distance (Interstate & Intrastate)
    • Mobile
    • Toll Free
  4. What is a Hunt group?
    Hunt groups move incoming calls to the next available open line.
  5. What is our greatest value in our Beyond Voice I package?
    High Speed Internet access
  6. What are three options available with VPN?
    • On-Net
    • Off-Net
    • Remote User
  7. What three features are provided with Secure Backup & File Share?
    • Automatic PC Back-up
    • File Sharing
    • Whalemale
  8. What is the name of the product that is designed for business owners resdential use?
    Beyond Office
  9. What is a Secure Desktop?
    Uniform software for desktop security with Online Real time virus and spyware reporting and license management.
  10. What are the 3 Web hosting packages Cbeyond offers?
    • Enhanced Web Hosting
    • Enhanced Marketing
    • Enhanced Commerce
  11. BeyondVoice
    BeyondVoice comes in different packages with different price points to serve small and midsized business.

    Also, integrated of voice and data applications
  12. BeyondMobile
    Laptop card that inserts into your laptop and allows you to connect to the internet, VPN and corporate networks, and send and receive e-mails.
  13. CbeyondOnline
    Allows customer to monitor their invoice, add and delete features, manage services, make instant changes.

    Total control over your account.
  14. Laptop Cards
    Laptop cards allow the customer to have access anywhere in the domestic coverage area. Laptop cards provide better WIFI because they use a nationwide broadband network.
  15. Conference Calling
    Conference calling is available allows customers to conference with up to 8 callers.
  16. Toll Free
    Customers can receive a new toll free number to have extended coverage.
  17. MRC
    Monthly Reoccuring charges
  18. NRC
    Non Reocurring Charges
  19. Hosted Microsoft Exchange
    Cbeyond offers to options for hosted email:

    • Outlook Basic/Outlook Complete
    • Outlook Basic Includes unlimited email acounts with 10mb capacity per message. Outlook web access, virus protection and 250 mb capacity for e-mail account.

    Outlook Complete Includes the basic plus, mobile sync, Outlook 2007 client calendar, 2GB storage per account.
  20. Secure Desktop
    Many small businesses have multiple computers but do not use uniform software desktop security.
  21. Fax to E-mail
    Allows inbound faxes to be received via e-mail as an attachment
  22. Web Hosting
    Allows customer to host their own website.

    • DIY tool - design your own site
    • Enhanced Marketing - Create your companies business directory listing.
    • Enhanced Ecommerce - Shopping cart software for online retailing support.
  23. Domain Name
    Name of the website
  24. Managed Firewall
    Network security for small businesses.
  25. Secure Backup
    • Automatic PC backup
    • File sharing between employees
    • Whale Mail
  26. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    Provides customer with the ability to securely send and receive data.

    • On-Net
    • Off-Net
    • Remote User
  27. Usage Statistics
    Usage analysis for the current usage on the account
  28. Caller ID Number
    Caller ID number is a preselected number used to show up on a caller ID.
  29. Call Blocking
    Block numbers from calling into specified number.
  30. Call Forwarding
    Forward calls to a specific number
  31. Hunt Group
    Rolls inbound call to the next available open line.
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