1. What is speed and its formula triangle?
    • How fast an object is going.
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  2. What is velocity?
    How fast an object is going in a certain direction.
  3. What is acceleration and its formula?
    • Change in speed or direction.
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  4. What is inertia?
    The tendency to resist change in motion.
  5. What is mass?
    The amount of matter in an object. A measure of inertia.

    The difference between mass and weight is that weight is the measure of the force of gravity, so depending on where you are in the universe the numbers may be different.
  6. What is Newton's 1st Law?
    • An object remains in motion or at rest unless acted on by an outside force.
    • -gravity
    • -friction
  7. What is Newton's 2nd Law?
    • force = mass x acceleration
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  8. What is Newton's 3rd Law?
    For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.]

    Eg-A cue ball hits a billiards ball. (action force) The billiards ball moves (action force) but the cue ball stops (reaction force from billiards ball.)
  9. What is force and its formula triangle?
    • A push or pull.
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  10. What is friction?
    A force that resists motion between two objects.
  11. What is gravity?
    Force pulling objects toward the center of the earth.

    On earth, gravity is always 9.8 m/s2.
  12. What is work and its formula triangle?
    • The amount of energy transferred by a force.
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  13. What is potential energy and its formula?
    Potential energy is the stored energy.

    PE=mass x gravity x height
  14. What is kinetic energy and its formula?
    The energy of motion.

    KE= 1/2 mv2
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