Plant Bio Final 3

  1. Aggregate Fruit
    fruit formed from numerioius carpets
  2. Day Neutral Plant
    a plant that does not respond by flowering to changes in the day length.
  3. Dormancy
    a period of growth inactivity in seeds, buds, bulbs, and other plant parts.
  4. Endocarp
    the inner most layer of the pericarp
  5. Exocarp
    the external layer of the pericarp
  6. Florigen
    a hypothetical hormone thought to control flowering
  7. Long-Day plant
    a plant that flowers when the night length is equal to or less than some critical length.
  8. Mesocarp
    the middle layer of the pericarp
  9. Multiple Fruits
    fruit formed from the fused ovaries of several flowers.
  10. Pericarp
    the wall of the fruit
  11. Photoperiodism
    the response of plants to variations in the relative lengths of day and night.
  12. Phytochrome
    a blue-green proteinaceous pigment that is the photoreceptor for a wide range of physiological responses, including flowering.
  13. Short-Day Plant
    a plant that flowers when the night length is equal to or greater than some critial lenght.
  14. Simple Fruit
    fruit that develops from a single ovary.
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Plant Bio Final 3
Plant Bio Final 3