Defense Mechanism

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  1. Denial
    The refusal to acknowledge what has, is, or will happen.
  2. displacement
    Place unwanted/ unpleasant feelings on to someone less threatening or on an innocent bystander.
  3. Projection
    Taking your own emotions and placing it onto others.  (Depressed, paranoid, anxiety)
  4. Projective identification
    Mostly used with clients diagnosed with BPD, identifies someone else with their feelings, however he/she does not demonstrate those emotions.
  5. Introjection
    To identify characteristics of a person and incorporate them into ones own self.
  6. Splitting
    • Used by BPD
    • they identify a person as either all good or all bad
  7. Rationalization
    Making excuses and/or justifying actions to avoid unwanted feelings.
  8. Intellectualization
    Using logic and reason to avoid dealing with your emotions.
  9. Sublimation
    A healthy redirection of an emotion. Ie kick boxing class
  10. Repression/suppression
    • Repression is I often thought of as the parent of all defenses. 
    • repression/suppression involves putting painful thoughts and memories out of our minds and forgetting them.
  11. Reaction Formation
    When we have a reaction that is too painful or threatening we turn it into the opposite. Experience a family loss but shows a happy mood.
  12. Undoing
    • Taking back ones unwanted behaviors through praises and gifts. 
    • Used by parents n DV abusers.
  13. Isolation of Affect
    Expressing no emotionality when confronted with difficult events.
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