1. CO (Central Office)
    Large building that houses hardware and software that is operated by the LEC (Local Exchange Carrier).
  2. 1FB (1Flatrate Business Line)
    Analog single line sets are usually connected to 1FBs, which is just LEC jargon for 1Flatrate Business Line.
    Area code and Prefix
  4. Analog
    signal is transmitted via sound waves and picks up sounds along the way while transmitting the origional signal.

    Its like a bucket of water that is half full and you walk in the rain and it fills up as you go from A to B you have the origional half bucket along with the new water.
  5. Digital
    Signal is transmitted via code using combinations of 1's and 0's.

    Because its digital, it is a cleaner and more crisp sound.
  6. DS-1/T-1
    T-1 os a high-speed pipe that provides bandwidth of up to 1.54 Mbps. The T-1 provides the perfect connectivity vehicle to deliver our voice and data product.
  7. Single Line Set
    An analog singline set has 1-4 lines that receive dial tone directly from the CO.
  8. Key System
    Supports 5-12 lines, with each line appearing on the phones so the user can manually select the line they want to pick up or dial out on.
  9. PBX (Private Branch Exchange)
    A PBX is like an independent telephone system that the customer owns and houses on their premises. It supports 12 or more lines and provides its own dial tone and voice features.
  10. SIPconnect
    Its just another interface, just like analong, digital T1-CAS or PRI.

    Cbeyond co-authored SIPconnect with Cisco, Talk Switch, Avaya, Mitel, and Broadsoft: Launched in February 2005.
  11. What does CO stand for?
    Central Office
  12. What is a CO (explain)?
    Large building that houses hardware and software. Ususally opperated by the LEC (Local Exchange Carrier).
  13. In simple terms, what is a NPA-NXX
    Area code and prefix
  14. Does a T-1 provide analog or digital transmission?
  15. What is the maximum bandwidth of a T-1?
  16. What is a 1FB?
    1 Flatrate Business Line
  17. A PBX provides its own dial tone and features.

  18. What must you dial to get outside dial tone with a PBX?
    Dial an 8 or 9
  19. What are the advantages of SIPconnect?
    Offers many advantages, including very competitive prices, low cost to support, feature richness, multi-location support and more.
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