Volume 4 Section 4

  1. What are the 4 type of inventories?
    • 1. Complete
    • 2. Sample
    • 3. Special
    • 4. In use/In place
  2. How often do you establish an inventory schedule?
    Fiscal Year
  3. What should you do when doing a Record Selection?
    Enter the Julian Inventory deadline date on the parameter request and forward it to Computer Operations for the EOD processing
  4. What is the R12?
    • Inventory Count File Program
    • Writes inventory count records for all item records with a serviceable balance and a warehouse location that falls within your parameter request. Puts a freeze code C.
  5. What is a Freeze Code C?
    Frozen for prior inventory and not cleared
  6. What is Freeze Code L?
    Database key/set error
  7. What do you process your R12 in the computer with?
  8. What do you use Sample Iventories for?
    CIC U or 7
  9. Sample=
  10. What is the R17?
    Sample Inventory Program Randomly selects what will be your sample items
  11. Process R17 using what?
    TRIC 1RS
  12. If the counts for the R17 do not match what does the computer do?
    Make an Inventory Recount Image TRIC IRR with a recount code RC
  13. Freeze Code I=
    Frozen for inventory
  14. Monitor amount of Freeze Code I by??
    290 Rejects and 1GP
  15. Process equipment inventory count inputs with TRIC___
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Volume 4 Section 4
Volume 4 Section 4