RHIT Stats

  1. What is the lowest level of data 
    i.e. true/false. male/female blood type
    Nominal Data
  2. Type of data where the values are in ordered categories; "to put something in order"
    i.e. Level of severity, survey like, disklike no comment
    Ordinal data
  3. Data that are finite numbers 
    i.e you can only have 2 children not 2.5
    discrete data
  4. data that represents measurable quantities but not restricted to certain values. 2.4
  5. how does knowledge develop
    data, information, facts, knowledge
  6. inter
    between or amoung
  7. intra
  8. early fetal death
    fewer than 20 weeks
  9. intermediate fetal death
    20 to 28 weeks; 501 to  10000
  10. Late fetal death
    over 28 weeks; 1001 or more
  11. both intermediate and late births are
    Still births
  12. all of the following mean the same except

    D. inpatient census
  13. in order to derive the total inpatient service days for any given day
    add same-day admits and discharges to the inpatient census
  14. william rumple was pronounced dead on arrival. they performed an autopsy. the event is counted in the
    hospital autopsy rate
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