Disease 20 - refractive surgery

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  1. radial keratometry?
    • decreases myopia flattening cornea
    • make peripheral radial incisions-> heal and cayse reshaping
    • stable myopia up to 8D
  2. astigmatic keratotomy?
    transversed incisions-> heal, reshape cornea
  3. PRK?
    • 30-60s laser UVB ablation of bowman and stroma after removal of central epithelum
    • post op sx: pain, bandage cl for epi, stromal haze, decrease CS, halos glare
  4. LASIK?
    • excimer laser stromal tissue ablation under hinged lamellar flap
    • flap repositioned, no sutures required
    • short healing time
  5. intraop complications of lasik?
    • flap button hole
    • incomplete cut
    • damaged flap
    • flap dislocation
    • lost flap
  6. postop complications of lasik
    • epithelial defect
    • flap striae
    • epithelial ingrowth¬†
    • stromal melt
    • astig, over/undercx
    • DLK
    • DE
  7. LASEK
    • epithelium removed by applying alcohol
    • epi is leaved at bow, laser applied, epiflap back on
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