Calculus 2 exam 2

  1. What is fluid force?
    The force "F" exerted by a fluid of constant weight density "w" against a submerged vertical plane region from y=c and d.

    F=wImage Upload 1dc  h (y)×L (y) dy
  2. What is fluid force?
    The pressure on an object at a certain depth "h" in a fluid is p=wh where "w" is the weight density of the liquid per unit volume.
  3. What is Pascal's principle?
    The pressure exerted by a fluid at a depth "h" is transmitted equally in all directions.  P=f/a or force/area 
  4. What is the weight densities of water and sea water?
    Water=62.4   sea water=64.0
  5. Does the size of the body of water effect the fluid force?
  6. What is the moment of center of mass for one dimension?
    Let point masses be mlocated at x. The moment about the origin is M= m1x+ m2x+...+ mnxn. The center of mass is Image Upload 2=M/m
  7. What is the center of mass for 2 dimensions?
    The point masses are mlocated at (x, y). The moment about the y-axis is m= +...+mn xn . The moment about the x-axis is mx= +...+my. The center of mass is (Image Upload 3,Image Upload 4) where Image Upload 5=M/m and Image Upload 6=M/m.
  8. What is the moment and center of mass of a planar lamina?
    f (x) Image Upload 7 g (x), on [a, b]. The planar lamina of uniform density is "p" bounded by the graphs. 

    • moments about the x-axis 
    • M=p Image Upload 8ab [f (x)+g (x)/2] × [f (x)-g (x)] dx
    • moments about the y-axis 
    • M=p Image Upload 9a[f(x)-g(x)] dx

    • the center of mass 
    • (Image Upload 10) where Image Upload 11y/m Image Upload 12x/m    
    • where m= pImage Upload 13a[f(x)-g(x)] dx is the mass of the lamina
  9. derivative of sinhu?
    coshu du/dx
  10. derivative of coshu?
    sinhu du/dx
  11. derivative of tanhu?
    sech2u du/dx
  12. anti-derivative of coshu?
  13. anti-derivative of sinhu?
  14. anti-derivative of sech2u?
  15. hyperbolic sine?
  16. hyperbolic cosine?
  17. hyperbolic tangent?
  18. inverse hyperbolic sine?
  19. inverse hyperbolic cosine?
  20. inverse hyperbolic tangent?
    ln(1+x/1-x) / 2
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