Mod D Final Review ... most of it anyway

  1. what dental unit keeps instruments out of the patient's site
    rear delivery system
  2. why is the admin area separate from the reception area
    hippa and privacy
  3. where is the assistant's zone for a right handed operator
  4. what scissors will you use most often
    crown and bridge
  5. composite placement instruments are made out of
    teflon and anodized aluminum
  6. classification of motion
    • class 1: fingers only
    • class 2: fingers and wrist
    • class 3: fingers, wrist, and elbow.
    • class 4: entire arm and shoulder.
    • class 5: entire upper torso.
  7. rpm's for a high speed handpiece
  8. what procedure do you use a desensitizer for
  9. calcium hydroxide
    stimulates production of secondary dentin
  10. to position a wedge
  11. 1mm
    matrix band
  12. ss matrices with composite will
  13. contour matrix
    handle of mouth mirror
  14. used for a class III
  15. large side of band goes toward
    occlusal 1/3
  16. contour a matrix band on a pad you use a
  17. smaller side goes toward
  18. post restoration place wedge
  19. automatrix
    no retainer
  20. over hang
    extra filling material
  21. primary matrix
    t-band or spot welded
  22. staff lounge
    used by staff and for meetings
  23. labial surface
    facial surface
  24. liner placed
    in the deepest portion of prep
  25. class III
    started on lingual surface
  26. not an expanded function
    cheek retraction
  27. what is the material of choice for a matrix
    thin flexible/ss
  28. matrix extends
    1-2 mm over occlusal
  29. tofflemire always placed
    on the buccal side
  30. varnish is placed
    everywhere (all of the above)
  31. the following statement is true about a shank on a bur
    friction grip is for the high speed handpiece
  32. internal surface of the cavity prep
    axial wall
  33. pulpal floor is also known as
    pulpal wall
  34. component of matrix that controls the loop
    outer guide slot
  35. tofflemire retainer from lingual side
  36. loss of cusp ... what matrix band
    extension band
  37. purpose of contouring matrix band does what
    final restoration has a snug contact
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Mod D Final Review ... most of it anyway
Mod D Final Review ... most of it anyway