1. distant
    reserved or aloof cold in manner
  2. divergent
    differing; deviating;
  3. diverse
    differing in some characteristics; various
  4. divulge
  5. doctrine
    teachings, in general; particular principle taught
  6. document
    provide written evidence
  7. dogmatic
    opinionated; arbitrary; doctrinal
  8. dormant
    sleeping; lethargic; latent
  9. dubious
    doubtful; questionable
  10. duplicity
    double-dealing; hypocrisy
  11. duration
    length of time something lasts
  12. dutiful
    respectful; obedient
  13. ebb
    recede; lessen
  14. eccentric
    odd; whimsical; irregular
  15. eclectic
    selective in choosing from a variety of sources
  16. eclipse
    darken; extinguish; surpass
  17. effervescent
    exuberant; bubbly and excited
  18. egotistical
    excessively self centered; self important; conceited
  19. elated
    overjoyed; in high spirits
  20. eloquence
    expressiveness; persuasive speech
  21. elusive
    evasive; baffling; hard to grasp
  22. embellish
    adorn; ornament
  23. emulate
    imitate; rival
  24. endorse
    approve; support
  25. enduring
    lasting; surviving
  26. enervate
  27. engender
    cause; produce
  28. enhance
    advance; improve
  29. enigma
    puzzle; mystery
  30. enmity
    ill will ; hatred
  31. enumerate
    list; mention one by one
  32. ephemeral
    short-lived; fleeting
  33. epic
    long heroic poem; or similar work of art
  34. epicure
    connoisseur of food and drink
  35. episodic
    loosely connected; divided into incidents; occurring at intervals
  36. equanimity
    calmness of temperament; composure
  37. equivocal
    ambiguous; intentionally misleading
  38. erratic
    odd; unpredictable; wandering
  39. erroneous
    mistaken; wrong
  40. erudite
    learned;  scholarly
  41. esoteric
    hard to understand; known only to the chosen few
  42. espouse
    adopt; support
  43. esteem
    respect; value; judge
  44. ethereal
    light; heavenly; usually refined
  45. eulogy
    expression of praise, often on the occasion of someone's death
  46. euphemism
    mild expression used in place of an unpleasant one
  47. euphonious
    pleasing in sound
  48. euphoria
    feeling of great happiness and well being (sometimes exaggerated)
  49. evanescent
    fleeting; vanishing
  50. exacerbate
    worsen embitter
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