Religion Exam Mysteries (J)

  1. What happened at the Annunciation?
    The angel Gabriel came to Mary and told her that she would become pregnant with the Son of God and that she was to call him 'Jesus'.
  2. What happened at the Visitation?
    Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth who had become pregnant in her old age. When Mary came close to Elizabeth, Elizabeth's child leaped for joy inside her womb for he was close to the Son of God.

  3. What happened at the Nativity or the Birth of the Lord?
    Jesus was born in the Manger because when the hour of his birth came, Mary and Joseph went to an inn but it was full. Jesus was born in poverty to teach the lesson of detachment from earthly things.
  4. What happened at the Presentation of the Lord?
    Joseph and Mary took Jesus to te temple to submit him to the Lord. When they were there Mary offered Jesus to the Father then ransoms him back at the price paid by the poor. Jesus was not subject to the Law of Moses but submits to it to teach obedience. Mary was not subject to the Law of purification but out of humility submits to it.
  5. What happened at the Finding of Jesus in the Temple?
    When Jesus was 12 years old, He and His family went to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover. On the first day of their journey home, Mary and Joseph noticed Jesus was missing. They immediately turned back to find Him. On their third day of searching, they found Him in the temple. He asked why they were worried and said that they should have known that He would be doing His Father's business.
  6. How do you remember all the Joyful Mysteries in order?
    • A Very Nice Place Found
    • Annunciation
    • Visitation
    • Nativity
    • Presentation
    • Finding of Jesus in the Temple
  7. How to remember the Annunciation?
    The angel announced to Mary her pregnancy.
  8. How to remember the Visitation?
    Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth.
  9. How to remember the Presentation?
    Jesus was presented to the Lord.
  10. Name all the Joyful Mysteries in order.
    • 1. Annunciation
    • 2. Visitation
    • 3. Nativity (Birth)
    • 4. Presentation
    • 5. Finding in the Temple
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