AUC 202, AUC 220 AUC 323 AUC 346

  1. Any officer who observes a member exhibiting possible signs of alcohol or drug abuse shall consult with?
    CSU and may REFER the member to CSU
  2. Officer reasonably suspects or knows that any member has engaged in conduct prohibited by the drug/alcohol policies shall IMMEDiately?
    • Prohibit member from leaving premises
    • immediately relieve member 
    • affected unit place OOS
    • notify BC, or next superior
    • notify BITS
    • document in company Journal
  3. SCBA...wearing? using?
    • wearing-harness on, facepiece standby postion
    • using-facepiece on with regulator donned
  4. Who authorizes the dispensing of wearing/using SCBA?
  5. When do we use SCBA?
    • interior structural firefighting
    • interior structural emergency operations when toxic substances or smoke are present
    • exterior, exposed to smoke and toxins
    • confined spaces
    • possible that atmosphere is IDLH area
  6. Members should not remove SCBA regulator, except?
    • cylinder becomes depleted
    • SCBA is malfunctioning/cut off air supply
  7. Members SCBA depleted or malfunction, who does he notify?
    Officer and leave area with another member using an SCBA
  8. When a member has depleted SCBA, officer should?
    notify IC and notify IC when member is safe
  9. Officer must leave area, to service SCBA?
    • notify IC (sector, group, branch), 
    • leave with SCBA member
    • provide supervision for members
    • no supervision-withdraw members
  10. FACEPeice sharing is?
  11. USE SCBA in these NON-structural emergencies?
    • outside rubbish, auto, transformer, etc.
    • certain non-structural emergencies
    • exposure to possible toxins
  12. Who is responsible for guarding SCBA on apparatus?
  13. Entries in Proby Journal?
    • Proby-blue or black ink, when subject read
    • Officer on Duty-initial and date red ink, when subject is reviewed or drilled
    • Company Commander-once a month, red ink

    • Proby entry each tour
    • BP-90/Proby FF control sheet
  14. Who is responsible for submitting a preliminary or final  EBF-4 at the start of each tour?
    Cheif and Company Officers
  15. The EBF-4 is linked to what databases?
    HRIS database, spare radio list, CADS

    application generates Unit, Battalion, Division, citywide and incident based riding lists
  16. EBF-4 should not include?
    Members detailed to another unit
  17. How many copies are printed of the EBF-4?
    2-Officer and Apparatus
  18. Who should be prepared to provide an incident based riding list to the Command Post, upon arrival at an incident?
    Field Communications Unit
  19. TRue or False? Any riding position that is assigned a spare radio shall have the spare radio number listed beside that riding position on the EBF-4.

    Officers should ensure that the spare radio info is accurate
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AUC 202, AUC 220 AUC 323 AUC 346
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