AVP Final

  1. Explain: Remote Survey
    A site visit away from your home venue
  2. What is Video Compression?
    Minimizing data across a three dimensional array of color pixels
  3. Define: CMOS
    Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
  4. Name 5 camera adjustments using the Sony RCP-750
    • - Black and White Balance
    • - Iris Level Control Aperture
    • - Shutter Speed and Filters
    • - Color Balance
    • - Painting
    • gamma
  5. HDV is recorded as a ______stream
    Mpeg stream
  6. Explain use of the passive SWR
    Used by engineer/shader isloate for QA
  7. What is Dynamic range?
    • The amount of highlights and darks an HD camera can capture without blowing out/under exposing
    • ablitly of a camra to see detail betewwn high light and low light
  8. What is "Burned Video"?
    Overexposed video over 100% IRE
  9. Define IDDR
    Intelligent Digital Disk Recorder
  10. E to E only function is to
    Electronics to Electronics. Monitoring the input versus the output.
  11. What are “Macros” in a professional SWR
    stores many functions in one button
  12. Explain the first focusing procedure on a camera lens
    Zoom in all the way and focus then zoom out
  13. Differences between ENG and EFP
    • a.  ENG – fast single camera rec  single operator news capture
    • b.  EFP – full crew. Director, assist, writer
  14. Dolly Back___________
    Move back camera and tripod away form stage
  15. Dolly in _________
    Move forward camera and tripod toward the stage
  16. CD files can be imported into FCP
  17. You cannot digitize in FCP without timecode
  18. Wipe
  19. Dissolve
  20. What is 2x extender?
    option to Doubles the focal length of the lens
  21. Name five Single camera recording calls
    • Lock it down,
    • Quite on the set,
    • Audio,
    • Slate,
    • Camera,
    • Cut,
    • Timecode.
    • action
  22. (0) Zero IRE means
    no signal /  no video input
  23. POV
    Point of view
  24. OTS
    Over the Shoulder
  25. Four names for 7.5 IRE
    • Black,
    • Black level,
    • pedestal,
    • blanking.
  26. What is "Fixing it in post production"?
    A lie
  27. Upward Y axis is often used to
    To exit a scene./ end a scene
  28. Four keyers in the Sony MFS-2000
    • Chroma key,
    • Luma key,
    • CG,
    • Wipe key,
    • downstream key,
    • Upstream key.
  29. FCP keyboard shortcuts "L", "K" and "J"
    Rewind, pause/stop, fast forward /play
  30. The space bar in FCP activates what?
    Play and stop
  31. In a Show Pro event, is insurance really necessary?
    Yes, because an accident can happen involving really expensive equipment or hospital bills.
  32. Name the FCP window that displays the timeline output
  33. Name the FCP window that displays audio, graphics and video clips
    Browser / veiwer / timeline
  34. What is a "Flypack system"
    Portable video production swr
  35. Name five technical positions in live session labs at FS-1
    • Video engineer
    • A1
    • A2, A3, .
    • moitors
    • lighing
  36. What is timecode?
    Digital audio signal recorded on an assigned track on your media used to label each frame using the 24-hour clock.
  37. Real time recordings are displayed by ____ timecode
    Drop frame
  38. When editing to music, you should always follow the stage action and also the ____ and _____
    Tempo and action
  39. In 3D technology, explain the main differences between Paralax barrier and Lenticular lens
    • Paralax uses liquid crystal
    • lenticular uses lenselets
  40. Define: Cut
  41. Tilt Down
    Pointing camera downward
  42. Switching the shutter speed from 1/60 sec. to 1/48 sec on a video camera creates what effect on the video image?
    Cinematic look
  43. What is GOP
    Group of pictures
  44. Name the type of compression where every single video frame is sampled and stored separately as is.
  45. Why is CHROMA data represented by two numbers?
    Because we see more white color is split

    . Blue - yellow and red - yellow.
  46. What is a slate? What is represented by an inverted slate?
    Is the ID of a clip. The take preceding the slate.
  47. Name two intrusive camera moves
    Fast zoom in, rack focus, snap zoom,swift pan.
  48. Name two Non-intrusive camera moves
    Dolly in/out, truck Left/right, panleft/right, POV.
  49. What is a "Snap zoom"?
    Fast zoom used to follow the speed of whatever is being recorded.
  50. Define BPP
    Bits per pixel
  51. What is the use of a Servo Motor on a camera lens?
    Zoom in and zoom out electronically. at diff speeds
  52. The X axis movement from left to right suggest what kind of motion?
    Forward motion
  53. 7.5 IRE is the same as 100% IRE
  54. FS-1 MFS-2000 and FS Venue MFS-2000 differences
    • venue 1080i is HD video
    • and the other is SD video.
  55. When would you use a "Slow Zoom"
    Dramatic situations /slow music
  56. A continuous red line over a clip in FCP timeline indicates that
    The clip is UN-rendered or needs to be rendered.
  57. Define: Tally light
    Shows that the camera is live.
  58. What is a "Client"?
    Most important person in your professional life.
  59. The most important part of any show production is
  60. Floor manager
    Represents the TV director in the studio
  61. What is a Teleprompter
    on screen scripting to the talent
  62. Truck Right
    Moving the entire tripod with camera to the right
  63. Tilt Up
    camera lens move up
  64. What is a Safe Title area?
    Full view minus 10% of the borders

    lines show safe broadcast areas
  65. When do you need to calibrate Oscilloscopes and Vectorscopes?
    Before the beginning of every show
  66. What kind of SWR is used by the Shader?
    Passive or active
  67. What is Focal Length?
    The distance between the camera and the center of the zoom
  68. Differences between Prime and Zoom lenses
    Zoom length has an adjustable focallength, Prime does not change.
  69. In a professional SWR, what is the Key function used for?
    For cutting a hole over background video
  70. Define: DVE
    • Digital video effect
    • (page turn transition)
  71. Define: VTR
    Video tape recorder
  72. In the FSL Venue, name and explain 5 technical or creative positions during a show production
    Producer, director, FOH, monitorengineer, Hippo Op.
  73. Responsibilities of a video recording engineer
    Quality control of recording audio and video
  74. Explain: "Ambience"
    Background noise in a location
  75. Leading from left to right, the presenter should be positioned on what side of the viewfinder?
  76. Name the cable connector that delivers the best video signal
    SDI / hdmi / firewire
  77. Can you store effects in FCP timeline
  78. Define I/O panel
    Input and output of every signal available on the Venue
  79. Explain the term: "Pad your shots"
    adding frames at beginning and end of every recorded clip for editing
  80. Define: E-Mem
    Electronic Memory used by switchers to save a transition
  81. Explain procedure to import video clips into FCP
    File, Import,
  82. In FCP, what is the "Razor Blade Tool" used for?
    cutting clips it in half
  83. In an ISO Show recording, how should time code be recorded?
    From a master clock
  84. What is the first RCU camera adjustment when taking the white balance?
    Black balance
  85. What is the Flypack model and make used in show
    Grass Valley Indigo
  86. DSLR
    dig single reflector
  87. cover shot
    shot recorded to cover bad edits
  88. chroma key works
    replaces background color with  a still or moving image
  89. show format
    the run down of a show
  90. FU
    fade up
  91. MFD
    minimum focal distance
  92. filter wheels
    To adjust the lighting temperature
  93. What is Zone focus
    Focusing on one area of your scene.
  94. How would you trim a clip to make it shorter at the end?
    Trim out minus
  95. In a show prod video recording, what is an arc?
    Half a circle movement in front of the stage.
  96. Name the three dimensions of 3D television.
    Depth, height, and depth of field
  97. What is a safety switch?
    Prevents the media from being rerecorded or erased
  98. What is the optimum storage temperature range for media
    65 degrees
  99. Define SMPTE
    Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
  100. Mixing composite and SDI HD cameras is possible using the TriCaster 850
  101. Before powering a television production truck, what important step must be taken?
    Power must be checked and see if have the correct power requirements.
  102. How many cameras can you connect to the TriCaster 850?
  103. Why is the TriCaster considered a "Production truck in a box"
    Because it has all the elements needed for a production.
  104. Name three new areas or systems learned in the AVP course.
    Software or hardware did not know or not interested in AVP and now interested on.
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