Debates in Psychology

  1. Nature vs. Nurture
    Genes vs. upbringing
  2. Functionalism vs. Structuralism
    Structuralism tried to break down mental processes into their most basic units, while Functionalsim wanted to understand the purpose of those processes. Why did they matter? - Became behaviorism. 
  3. Observable vs. Non-observable
  4. Free Will vs. Determinism
    A person can make their own choices vs. everything has a sufficient cause (quantum physics is generally believed to show that determinism is false, but do quantum indeterminancies have an effect on human action?)
  5. Individual Differences vs. Universals
    How much of our behavior is a result of our uniqueness, and how much reflects the culture and society in which we live? How much of our behavior is universally human? Neuroscientists look to universal qualities, Humanistic psychologists toward individual differences. 
  6. Monoism vs. Dualism
    Dualism: Mind and body are separate - is there interplay? (Descartism - no, Caresianism - yes)

    Monoism - Mind and body are same
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Debates in Psychology
Debates in Psychology