Fire Engineer

  1. NFPA standard for fire apparatus engineer
  2. When a straight stream is applied to the base of a fire in a non vented room what will it not affect
    Thermal Layer
  3. How do you move a pool of flammable liquids with a fog nozzle
  4. Atmospheric pressure at sea level
  5. What PSI to get 70% capacity
  6. What tool for breaking Lexan
    pick head axe
  7. What tool for breaking tempered glass
    spring loaded center punch
  8. How are the wings of a revolving door collapsed
    pressed together
  9. What method is fastest and causes least amount of damage when forcing over head doors
    break panel---> lock & triangle cut
  10. How far apart when two or more apparatus responding
    300-500 feet
  11. Skid control
    release brakes, turn toward the skid or desired direction, do not release clutch until under control
  12. Braking distance and reaction time are accompanied by visual lead time
    perception--> reaction-->  breaking lag-->breaking distance=  total breaking time
  13. What happens when you plunge a stream of water into a pool of flammable liquid
    spreads or splashes
  14. What type of attack removes fuel ahead of the fire
  15. Weight of one cubic foot of water
    62.43 pounds
  16. Pressure of fluid at rest
    same pressure in all directions
  17. In the pressure setting of a dual stage pump, the water leaves the ______ of the first stage and enters the_______ of the second stage

  18. Which primer pump is the most effective
    rotary vein
  19. What is the hole in the oil line of the primer pump for
    breaks the siphon in the line created when priming
  20. Injector pumps are lubricated with what
  21. What causes carbon build up
    incomplete combustion
  22. How should the engine be shut down after full load operation
    3 to 5 minutes
  23. How far and where should you park when on scene of an accident
    additional apparatus should be 150-200 feet from shielding apparatus
  24. Which way should the wheels be turned when on scene
    away from working firefighters
  25. How far from the hydrant should you stop when making a forward lay
    10 feet
  26. When in a relay operation and no water is flowing, what does the attack pumper have to do
    circulate the water to cool the pump
  27. Positive pressure does what inside a building
    increases the pressure inside the building
  28. What is the maximum PSI when operating the transfer valve on dual stage pumps
  29. What is the most common problem when drafting from a static water source
    loss of prime/leaks from intake
  30. When is the most common time to cavitate the pump
    when the pressure exceeds the intake
  31. Primary purpose of the fire department pumper
    to provide water at an adequate pressure for fire streams
  32. What could water coming up from the ground around a dry barrel hydrant mean
    hydrant valve not closed
  33. Which gauge do you read to find residual pressure
  34. What PSI should you never go below when pumping
  35. How many times does water expand when converted to steam
    1700 times
  36. Why put two full twists in a supply hose
    helps prevent kinking in the hose without limiting the flow
  37. Types of water distribution systems
    gravity, direct pumping, and combo
  38. Water main sizes
    8/12/16 inches
  39. What are the final pipes in a water distribution system called
  40. How many gallons of water in a 4A extinguisher
    5 gallons.  1.25/#

    ex. 4 X 1.25=5
  41. What is the pressure loss for the 18th floor of a 35 story building
    5 pounds per floor
  42. Fires in underground utility vaults
    use high expansion foam
  43. What makes a fog nozzle a foam nozzle
    air injector
  44. Maximum IFSTA recommended lay with 2 ½” or 3” hose
    200 psi (relay pumping)
  45. What is flow pressure measured with
    pitot gauge
  46. The difference of the pressure at a hydrant and the pressure at the pump is a good example of what
    friction loss
  47. How long should pumps 1250 GPM and larger take to prime
    10-15 seconds, but not longer than 30 seconds
  48. How much does one gallon of water weigh
  49. Water enters what part of the pump
    the eye
  50. What is the purpose of the primer pump
    remove air from the pump
  51. What color is the smoke for a potential back draft
  52. Heat transfer inside of a building is primarily which type
  53. How do you reduce friction loss when critical velocity is reached
  54. What gauge do you read to find velocity pressure
  55. What PSI for smooth bore master stream
  56. An automatic nozzle will maintain what PSI
  57. What PSI for fog nozzles
  58. What is the force that pushes back against the firefighter when flowing water called
    nozzle reaction
  59. What type of priming pump compensates for wear
    rotary vein
  60. When impeller speed doubles, PSI increased how much
    4 times
  61. What PSI to produce maximum GPM
    150psi provides pump capacity
  62. What happens to friction loss when PSI is increased
    increases at an exponential rate
  63. What is the maximum amount of vacuum a pump can draw
    22 inches of mercury
  64. Pumpers are designed to pump capacity at a maximum of what lift
    10 feet
  65. What is the process of raising water from a static source called
  66. How many feet of lift if the gauge reads 8 inches of mercury

    -2psi = 4 inches of mercury on intake gauge resulting in 4.6 feet of lift
  67. The maximum capacity of a relay operation is determined by what
    the smallest operating pump
  68. What is theoretical lift?
    33.8 feet

    not possible with fire dept pumpers because total vacuum not possible
  69. Pumpers are designed to pump capacity at a maximum of how much lift
    10 feet
  70. Theoretical lift at sea level is 33 feet, what would the lift be at 3000 feet
    • 14.7-1.5=13.2
    • 13.2 X 2.3ft/psi= 30.36
  71. What PSI to get 1000 GPM out of the ladder
  72. Can you get water to the pump via the inlet/outlets on T12 (why)
    yes, close wheel valve and open the aerial discharge
  73. What is the PSI loss for standpipes
    25 lbs + 5 lbs per floor + hose lay friction loss + nozzle pressure = discharge pressure

    not to exceed 200 psi
  74. How long is the ladder on T12
    42 feet ladder + 8 feet height of truck = 50ft.
  75. What kind of pump is on T12
    single stage centrifugal pump
  76. Describe how the relief valve on T12 works
    allows excess pressure to flow back to tank
  77. When hooked up to an FDC, what PSI do you pump at (why)
    150psi.  It delivers pump capacity
  78. What is the difference between a Class A and a Class B pumper
    • Class A
    • 100% @ 150psi
    • 70% @ 200psi
    • 50% @ 250psi

    • Class B
    • 100% @ 120psi
    • 70% @ 200psi
    • 50% @ 250psi
  79. What is the GPM formula
    29.7(D2 sq root NP)
  80. How many gallons of water in 1 ton
    1 gallon of water =~ 8.345 lbs 2000 lbs / 8.345 lbs/gal = 239.65 gal
  81. What is the tip load for 45-75 degrees while flowing 1000 GPM
  82. What GPM will you get with a 1” tip at 50 PSI nozzle pressure
    210 gpm

    29.7 x 1 x 7.07
  83. How many gallons of water in a cubic foot?
    7.48 gallons in cubic foot
  84. NFPA standard for fire apparatus
  85. psi for smooth bore hand line
  86. Combo nozzle psi?
  87. Atmospheric Pressure
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