LAW 1 legislation

  1. Describe the duties of PIC
    • Responsible for Safety of aircraft in flight, and safety and wellbeing of PAX.
    • Have final Authority to control A/C and for maintenance of discipline of all on board
    • Be responsible for compliance with all regs and rules.
  2. When can PIC breach rules in Emergency? (In flight and before flight)
    • (In flight)
    • Danger to Life or Property
    • Breach goes only far enough as necessary
    • No other reasonable means
    • Danger is reduced by breaking the rules.

    • (Before Flight)
    • same as above to transport urgent medical supplies or a sick person. (for the protection of life or property)
  3. After breaking Rules what must PIC do
    • Immediately notify ATC
    • Notify Director ASAP
  4. What rules can never be broken?
    • A/C must be registered in NZ or elsewhere
    • A/C must be fully airworthy
    • Only operated by a pilot legally allowed to do so.
  5. What are your responsibilities if your medical conditions change, and yo think these might affect your ability to hold medical status?
    • Notify Director ASAP
    • Not exercise privileges of the medical
    • (If you are in any doubt, speak to your medical examiner immediately. Failure could mean not just lost medical but fit and proper person status)
  6. What are the medical holders responsibility if the director suspends medical?
    • Must surrender to the director, or someone authorised by the director or a Police officer
    • Holder may at any time return med cert to the director and request cancellation.
    • Director must then cancel medical and update register.
  7. What is the punishment for "Endangerment cause by holder of an aviation document"
    or "Dangerous activity involving A/C, aeronautical product, or aviation related service"?
    • Each person max 12 months prison or fine not exceeding $10,000
    • For Body Corp, fine not exceeding $100,000
  8. Punishment for "Operating A/C in a careless manner"
    • Fine not exceeding $7,000
    • For body corp not exceeding $35,000
  9. State Requirements of holding a medical certificate
    • Class 2 PPL
    • Class 1 CPL, Senior CPL, ATPL
    • Is complying with all the conditions restrictions etc on the medical
    • If License is foreign, then must have foreign Medical and comply with all conditions of foreign medical
  10. State requirements of applying for a medical certificate
    • Must pay Fee
    • Produce Photo ID
    • Produce for inspection and license or current medical
    • Disclose any medical info the director asks for
  11. State normal currency period of the Class 1 Medical for ATPL holder under the age of 40
    • 6 months for single pilot ops when pilot is 40 or over
    • 12 months for all other cases
    • If medical done within 30 days of due date, Director can issue it from the due date
  12. Requirements for holding  pilots license
    • Pilot operation NZ reg plane in NZ
    • - Current NZ license
    • - Foreign License with Validation
    • - CASA if TTMR act applies to the license
  13. Requirements for PIC to hold Type Rating on type being flown (Car 61.5)
    • For NZ and foreign A/Cs
    • - Hold current Type rating
    • - foreign license with validation permit rule 61.9
    • - foreign license with validation permit from foreign authority where plane is registered, or in which the NZ plane is being flown
    • - attached to a CASA license with TTMR
  14. When are licenses or Ratings not required under CAR 61.5
    • Students
    • Balloon, glider etc when not for hire or reward and the pilot meets the 103,104 or 106 requirements
    • Cat A instructors on single engine
    • When acting as test Pilot
  15. First of Type Authorisation
    The Director can issue authorisation to someone holding a current Instructors rating, and may impose conditions
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