Module 6

  1. what are the steps one must take to motivate patient to take care of their teeth?
    • 1-ask if they are concerned about the health of their teeth.
    • 2-with mirror show plaque on teeth
    • 3-explain how plaque is affecting gum
    • 4-demonstrate how to remove plaque with toothbrush
    • 5-have patient demonstrate technique
    • 6-discuss with patient outcome if they choose not to take care of their teeth.
  2. what are the 3 guidelines for toothbrush selection?
    1-soft nylon tuft or multi tuft toothbrush bristles-nylon are recommended because they are less prone to harbor bacteria

    2-size of the tooth bristles should match with patients mouth and teeth size

    3- Gingiva shape should be considered
  3. what are the 4 tooth brushing procedures?
    • 1-sequence-follow same routine
    • 2-overlapping strokes-to fully cover teeths
    • 3-amount of brushing- 5 stroke counts for each area or egg timer for 2 minutes
    • 4-frequency of brushing- twice a day, one with flossing
  4. define modified bass technique
    • 1- toothbrush is at a 45 degree angle at the sulcus
    • 2-brush back-forth while brush is in sulcus for 10 strokes
    • 3-Stroke off the the plaque
    • 4-repeat steps 1-2 in the adjacent area, overlapping the previous tooth
  5. why is the bass modified technique recommended?
    because it cleans the gingival sulcus
  6. who would the bass modified technique be recommended for?
    patients with healthy gums, periodontal disease or on periodontal maintanance
  7. would the bass modified technique be recommended for someone with gingival recession?
  8. define steps for stillman's brushing technique
    • 1-place toothbrush at 45 degree angle. position bristles a little above the gingival margin not the ¬†sulcus
    • 2-brush back-forth, overlapping previous tooth
  9. who is most likely to benefit from stillman's technique?
    people with gum recession or in need of gingival tissue stimulation
  10. what are the steps charter's technique
    • 1-direct bristles toward the incisal/occlusal surface at 45 degree angle
    • 2-press the brush to flex bristles between teeth
    • 3-for patients with full orthodontic appliances make sure bristles are under each bracket
  11. what is does charter's technique aim at?
    to massage and stimulate the marginal and interdental gingiva
  12. who would be a candidate for Charter's technique?
    Its mainly to clean orthodontic and fixed bridge appliances on patients
  13. what are the steps for Fone's brushing technique?
    • 1-close teeth and place bristles at at 90 degree angle.
    • 2- start from the maxillary molar area
    • 3-brush in circular motion from maxillary to mandibular molars.
    • 4-brush with closed teeth from end-to-end
  14. who would be a good candidate for Fone's technique?
    people with health gingiva in children
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