AnP Final The Tissues

  1. What is a Epithelial Tissue
    Tissue that performs a protective covering for the body and all of the organs
  2. Stratified means
    in layers
  3. Simple means
    Single Layer
  4. Squamous means
    flat; irregular shaped cells
  5. Cuboidal means
    square shaped
  6. Columnar means
    Tall narrow cells (column shaped)
  7. What are all of the epithelial Tissues
    • Stratified
    • Simple
    • Squamous
    • Cuboidal
    • Columnar
  8. What does a connective tissue do
    Connects, binds, and suppors body structures
  9. What are soft connective
    Areolar, Adipose
  10. What are fibrous connective
    Tendonds and ligaments
  11. What are hard connective tissue
    Cartilage and bone
  12. What are liquid connective tissue
    Blood and lumph
  13. What are all the cnnective tissues
    • Soft connective
    • Fibrous connective
    • Hard connective
    • Liquid connective
  14. What are the three Muscle tissues
    • Smooth
    • Skeletal
    • Cardiac
  15. What is a Smooth Muscle Tissue
    Involuntart, nonstriated tissue tha tmaeks up visceral organs
  16. What is skeletal muscle information
    Voluntary, attaches to bone and enables movement
  17. What is cardiac muscle tissue
    Involuntary, striated, multi nucleated, and only found in the heart
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AnP Final The Tissues
AnP Final The Tissues