ch 30

  1. U.S. military forces halted Japanese advances at the battles of
    Coral Sea and Midway.
  2. The Battle of Midway demonstrated the decisive role of
    aircraft carriers.
  3. At the conferences in Casablanca, Churchill and Roosevelt decided to
    assault Sicily and Italy.
  4. Germany lost the Battle of the Atlantic because
    the Allies had broken the Germans' secret code
  5. One reason Operation Overlord succeeded was
    Eisenhower surprised the Germans by attacking at Normandy.
  6. Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt first met at
  7. The largest naval engagement in history occurred at
    Leyte Gulf
  8. U.S. officials were slow to aid Jewish refugees because
    they feared anti-Semitism in the United States. experience wtih wartime propaganda created doubts about reports of the Holocaustreported evidence of genocide seemed beyond belief.
  9. War relocation camps
    American of Japanese decent forcibly removed from their homes and moved to the interior. Forced to sell their farms and businesses by roosevelts executive order 9066
  10. Truman
    gained office with president roosevelt died
  11. siginificant economic and social development of early 20th century
    automobile. ford motor. factory lines and mass production.
  12. ww2
    Japanese bombed pearl harbor 1941. war produced jobs, president raised taxes to finance the war. inflation. women were able to work. african americans were able to participate. native americans severed in armed forces. supported more fully then any other group. roosevelt decided hitler had to be stopped after the war of berlin in 1940
  13. In World War II, the greatest number of casualties were suffered by
    the Soviet Union.
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