CIVE1173 Non Destructive Test (NDT) Other Methods

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  1. Tests for carbonation
    • Take core or knock off section to reveal fresh face
    • Spray with phenolphthalein immediately (surface will carbonate within 5 minutes if exposed to air)
    • Note depth of carbonation using ruler
    • (Clear is carbonated, Purple is not)
    • Model future carbonation: Time till carbonation hits steel, Requires cover depth
  2. Chlorides
    • Core (can be same one used for carbonation)
    • Dust samples (discard top 5mm, can be inaccurate)
    • Select location
    • Label & store
    • On site: quantab strips (qualitative)
    • Lab: NAMAS lab, cut to measure, crush & dissolve in acid.  Or; chloride electrode, spectrophotometer, hach method.
  3. Chloride test results
    • Image Upload 1
    • Other factors; condition of steel, w/c ratio OH/Cl ratio, amount free chloride, moisture, Anode/Cathode ratio
  4. Pull-off test
    • Determine concrete strength prior to repair
    • Measure adhesive strength of coatings and carbon fibre
    • Check overlays; shotcrete, toppings, repairs
  5. Pull-off test interpretation
    • Image Upload 2
    • Expected results: Tensile strength of concrete 2.7 to 4.1 MPa (about 8-12% of fc), for adhesive can be less, 1.0 to 2 MPa
  6. Water Permeability
    • Measure of concrete durability properties (in correlation with other data)
    • Water absorption due to capillary action and pressure
    • Automated pressure system; clam, torrent permeability kit
  7. Other tests
    • Thermography (infrared)
    • Impact Echo
    • Ground Penetratiing Radar
  8. Suite of testing for concrete cores
    • Strength
    • Cement Content
    • ASR susceptibility
    • Water Permeability
    • Air Permeability
    • Chloride Diffusion Coefficient
    • Accelerated Carbonation
  9. Embedded Monitoring Systems
    • Half-cells
    • Cathodic Protection Systems
    • Corrosion Ladders (Schiessel Ladder)
    • Strain Gauges
    • Moisture Probes
    • Relative Humidity
    • pH Probes
    • Remote Monitoring
  10. Steel
    structural member types, failure, testing
  11. Timber
    types, sampling
  12. Soil & Water
    • Sampling, Chemical Testing, Microbiological
    • Testing
  13. Site Test Procedure pp19-20
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