office administration vocab

  1. scheduling appointments for patients on a future date
    advance booking
  2. continuing education unit
  3. grouping appointments for patients with similar problems or procedures
    cluster scheduling
  4. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  5. the use of numbers and letters to describe illnesses, diseases, and medical procedures
  6. the removal of metal items from paperwork to prepare for placing medical records
  7. medications or substances listed by schedule and controlled under the Controlled Substance Act according to the potential for addiction or medical use
    controlled substances
  8. the are of POMR charting that includes information such as the patient's chief complaint
  9. Drug Enforcement Agency. a federal law enforcement agency tasked with the regulation of controlled substances
  10. supplies that are expensive and not often replaced
    durable supplies
  11. the official daily publication for rules, proposed rules, and notices of federal agencies and organizations
    federal register
  12. method by which medical records are kept to ensure ease in updating and finding of records
  13. includes all services related to a procedure during a period of time depending on payor guidelines
    global periods
  14. order in which paperwork is added to a medical record
  15. a form of patient consent in which the patient has been told and understand the procedure that has been prescribed
    informed consent
  16. someone who has been admitted to a hospital or other health care facility
  17. government-based health insurance for people over the age of 65 and others with certain disabilities
  18. supplies that are inexpensive, and often used and replaced
    non-durable supplies
  19. in the SOAP format, the clinical assessment of a patient. test results and information that can be observed by others
  20. a method of allowing patients to access medical care without making an appointment
    open office scheduling
  21. patient who has received a procedure, treatment or test that does not require an overnight stay
  22. the branch of medicine that treats the essential nature of disease as changes in structure and function
  23. Problem Oriented Medical Records that divide records into four sections- the database, problem, treatment, and progress
  24. a national standard to protect a patient's medical record and health information
    privacy rule
  25. medical specialty that uses imaging to diagnose and treat diseases
  26. the marking of a document to indicate that the record is ready for filing
  27. a national standard that requires health care professionals to take specific technical precautions to ensure that patient information stored or transmitted in an electronic format remains confidential, accessible, and of a high quality
    security rule
  28. charting format that uses subjective, objective, assessment, and planning to organize the information
  29. method of preparing medical records for filing by putting into order
  30. in the SOAP format, any information stated or perceived by the patient; will include patient's chief complaint
  31. volume 1 of the ICD-9-CM containing disease information
    tabular list
  32. a method of scheduling patients in which multiple patients are scheduled at one same time and seen in the order they arrive at the office
    wave scheduling
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