Air Warfare questions

  1. the F/A 18's structure and surfaces contain what composite material?
    • *graphite
    • *carbon/epoxy
  2. what 5 areas to avoid stepping on the F/A 18
    • *leading edge flaps
    • *trailing edge flaps
    • *horizontal stabilizers
    • *ailerons
    • *radome surfaces
  3. how many tie-downs are used to secure the aircraft?
  4. what are the purpose  of composite materials used on the aircraft?
    • *limit weight
    • *increase strength
    • *decrease effect of corrosion attack
  5. what are the 3 types of repair used in naval aircraft?
    • *temporary repair
    • *one time flight repair
    • *permanent repair
  6. describe a temporary repair
    repairs that are simple and practical as possible
  7. describe a one time flight repair
    to restore limited load carrying requirements to allow an aircraft to be flown to a repair station
  8. describe a permanent repair
    meets or exceeds strength of original structure or component with no adverse affect
  9. define radome
    covers the radar for transmission and reception of radar signals
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