World History Final

  1. What kurdish general for the Muslim armies was educated in Damascus, ruled Egypt, and fought in the third crusade?
  2. What pope called for the 1st Crusade?
    Urban II
  3. Who sent a letter to Pope Urban II regarding Muslim Seljuk Turks who had taken over large portions of his Empire?
    Alexius I
  4. What French city did Pope Urban II call the first crusade from?
  5. Who was the Turkish sultan in charge of the Seljuk Turkish forces in and around the city of Nicaea?
    Kilij Arslan
  6. The Fatimids of Egypt were in control of this city when it fell to the Crusaders in 1099 AD
  7. Who were the leaders of the First Crusade?
    • -Duke Godfrey
    • -Hugh of France
    • -Bohemont
    • -Raymond of Toulouse
  8. In the Roman and Byzantine empires, the highest church official in a major city is known as what?
  9. What female historian was a primary source and wrote the Alexiad, recounting the events of the first crusade?
    Anna Comnena
  10. Who were the leaders of the Second Crusade?
    • -Louis VII of France
    • -Conrad III of Germany
  11. What event sparked off the 2nd Crusade?
    The fall of the County of Edessa
  12. What military order established hospitals along the pilgrim road from Jaffa to Jerusalem?
    The Knights Hospitallar
  13. What military order's main goal was to safely guide pilgrims on the road to Jaffa and Jerusalem?
    The Knights Templar
  14. What battle led by Saladin in July of 1187 destroyed a huge portion of the Latin Kingdoms?
    The Battle of Hattin
  15. What Muslim general conquered the County of Edessa in December of 1144, sparking the second Crusade?
  16. Alexius Angelus had the crusaders capture what Christian city for him?
  17. When the crusaders arrived in Venice without the 85,000 marks required for payment to the Venetians, the Venetians tell them they can make it up by capturing what Hungarian city?
  18. What is the proper term for a war fought for religious reasons and purposes?
  19. What was an intellectual movement during the Renaissance that focused on the study of classical culture and worldly, rather than religious, subjects?
  20. What was the time period in Western Europe when there was a rebirth and rediscovery of interest in classical learning, art, and architecture called?
    The Renaissance
  21. What is the artistic technique used during the Renaissance to give paintings a three-dimensional effect?
  22. What ancient form of painting was done on wet plaster and used during the Renaissance?
  23. Who led the 3rd Crusade? (King's Crusade)
    • -HRE Frederick Barbarossa
    • -Richard I of England
    • -Philip II of France
  24. What treaty signed by Richard I and Saladin that ended the 3rd Crusade established that Christians would not have to pay a fine upon entering Jerusalem?
    The Treaty of Ramla
  25. Who obtained approval from King Baldwin for the order of the Knights Templar?
    Hugh de Paynes
  26. What term refers to the wealthy individuals who funded for the arts and education during the Renaissance?
  27. What treaty signed by Richard I and Saladin that ended the 3rd Crusade established that there would not be a war for at least three years?
    The Treaty of Jaffa
  28. What pope calls for the 4th crusade in 1198AD?
    Innocent III
  29. What form of plague is spread by a carrier insect?
  30. What manifestation of plague is an infection of the blood?
  31. What form of plague is found in the lungs and causes the formation of flem that spreads and allows them to become red with blood?
  32. What was a series of conflicts from 1337 to 1453 between England and France for the for control of the French throne?
    The Hundred Years' War
  33. What were rules drawn up in 530 emphasizing obedience, poverty, and chastity?
    Benedictine Oath/Rules
  34. What epidemic of plague ravaged Europe in the 1300's, killing almost a third of it's population?
    the Black Death
  35. Image Upload 1
    • 1. Crossing
    • 2. Transept
    • 3. Nave
    • 4. Choir
    • 5. Ambulatory
    • 6. Radiating Chapels
    • 7. Flying Buttresses 
    • 8. Northern Facade
    • 9. Southern Facade
    • 10. Western Facade
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