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  1. in handling break bulk hazardous materials, it is forbidden to use ____?
    metal bale hooks
  2. a shore is a piece of securing dunnage that
    run from a low supporting level up to the cargo at an angle
  3. when cargo is being worked using a burton or married fall system, which part of the cargo gear is most likely to fail?
    guy tackle
  4. gasoline vapor tends to collect ?
    at the lowest point of the bilge areas
  5. A tackle is two blocked when the blocks are
    jammed together
  6. All handling and stowage of packaged hazardous materials on board a domestic vessel engaged in foreign trade shall be done under the supervision of ?
    an officer assigned to the vessel
  7. the size of wire rope is determined by the?
  8. what is an explosion hazard when exposed to flame
  9. why is 6x19 class wire rope more commonly used for cargo runners than the more flexible 6x37 wire rope?
    it resist more to abrasion better
  10. under normal weather and sea conditions when securing a stack of containers with twist locks, lashings are required when the tier exceeds what height?
    two containers
  11. a safety shackle is identified by its?
  12. which of the following are considered bulk cargoes that may have hazardous properties or which may liquefy?
    Copper ore concentrate, iron ore concentrate, zinc sulphide
  13. corrosive liquids and acids should have what kind of label?
  14. which statement is not true concerning the stowage of class 1 explosives
    class 1.4 explosives may not be stowed in the same hold with class 6.1 poisons
  15. you will load class 1.2 commercial explosives and need to construct a portable magazine. the magazine must
    be elevated with skids 10 cm above deck
  16. with dangerous goods labels, blue labels are used for?
    non flammable compressed gas (dangerous when wet ito)
  17. On a ships crane, the load chart relates the allowable load to the combination of boom length and ___?
    load radius
  18. what is least likely to be used to strip a cargo tank?
    centrifugal pump
  19. your tankship is carrying a cargo of styrene. which of the following is not a requirement for carriage of this cargo
    P/V valves with galvanized parts shall be replaced
  20. In an inert gas system audible and visible alarms shall be provided to indicate faulty conditions in the installation. which of the following conditions do not activate the alarms?
    high air pressure in water seal
  21. which of the following is a characteristic of a Ro-Ro vessel
    short in port turn arround times
  22. When viewed from above, the best position for the guy in a relation to the boom is
    at right angle
  23. on gas carriers there are two gasses we must try to avoid leaking out to the atmosphere, what are those gases?
    Freon 22 and carbon monoxide
  24. on cargo booms, preventers are ______?
    auxilliary guys
  25. in union purhcase, the angle between the two runners must not exceed:
    120 degrees
  26. wire rope composed of three parts. which of the following is not a part?
  27. for what purpose is inert gas utilized on a gas tanker?
    inert gas is utilized on board gas carriers to neutralize atmosphere in cargo tanks pipes and hold/inter barrier spaces
  28. cargoes that are highly susceptible to damage by tainting from odorous cargoes are called?
    delicate cargo
  29. what does crude oil mainly consist of?
    a combination of hydro carbons
  30. what is meant by segregation of cargoes?
    separating cargoes so that one cannot damage the other
  31. you are loading propanolamine and spill a small quantity on deck. according to the chemical data guide, you would expect its odor to be
  32. the term indicating the spaces between packages in a cargo hold which remains unfilled and usually expressed in percentage
    broken stowage
  33. a flammable liquid having a REID vapor pressure of 8.5 psi or less and a flash point of 80 deg F or below is grade
  34. under normal weather conditions, when securing a stack of containers with non-locking fittings, lashings are required when the tier exceeds what height?
    lashings are always required
  35. the weakest part of a freight container is the
  36. the vapor pressure of a gas is a pressure necessary to keep it in a
    liquefied state
  37. the purpose of a bilge well is to
    collect water to be pumped out
  38. what is that system that delivers treated fuel gas into a tank whose main functions is to reduce oxygen content to a safe level and maintain positive pressure in the tank?
    inert gas system
  39. which statement about the carriage of solid hazardous materials in bulk is true?
    the loading of the cargo must be conducted under the direction and observation of a person employed or assigned for that purpose
  40. a disadvantage of using chain lashing on heavy vehicles aboard ro-ro vessels is that
    the links looses strength if placed over corners
  41. if you carry packaged hazardous cargoes on a break bulk vessel bound foreign, you must
    have the shipping papers indicate the proper shipping name and the technical name of n.o.s. cargoes
  42. what should you be concerned with when loading and securing vehicles on a Ro-Ro
    the number, position and angle of lashes
  43. cargo holds must be dry and free from dirt and foul odor, what must be determined when inspecting cargo holds before taking any cargo?
    watertight integrity
  44. amount of cleaning which a cargo hold will require depends upon the nature of the cargo ______.
    that have been discharge and to be loaded
  45. If a master must jettison a container loaded with hazardous material, he must, as soon as possible, notify the _________.
    nearest captain of the port
  46. what is meant by the term "two blocked"
    the bottom block touches the top block
  47. A survey of refrigerated cargo, to certify that proper methods of stowage were utilized, can be conducted by the
    national cargo bureau
  48. the force acting on a single cargo runner which is vertically lifting or lowering a hold is greater when?
    decelerating when lowering the load
  49. if an electric cargo winch is being used to lift a draft of cargo and the engine room loses all power, which will occur
    the electromagnetic brake will hold the load where it is suspended
  50. how would you control cargo hold bilges
    by pumping test of each bilge before loading
  51. which factor is most important in preventing sweat damage within the cargo hold?
    dew point of the cargo hold
  52. bulk cargo refers to?
    homogenous cargo not enclosed in a cargo container
  53. if all lashings are made up and the deck are clear as a matter of working system _________?
    will increase the degree of safety onboard
  54. this refers to the amount of space in cubic meters or cubic feet required to stow ton of 1000kgs or a long ton of 2,240 lbs
    stowage factor
  55. passenger ship engaged in international voyages must conduct a muster for all passengers. what is the time limit for this exercise?
    24 hrs
  56. how should containers be stowed in order to get the benefit of the restraint of its sidewalls?
    containers should be stowed in the fore and aft line
  57. the reading of a combustible gas indicator indicates the percentage of the
    lower explosive limit of a flammable gas concentration
  58. the most important factor to consider to ventilate or not a cargo space is
    dew point
  59. consider a vessel with an even transverse distribution of weight, which condition would cause a list?
    empty double bottoms, heavy deck cargo
  60. The certificate of inspection for a containership _________
    is issued by the coast guard and is usually valid for 2 years
  61. the securing systems for containers were developed to prevent container movement during which ship motion?
  62. the stowage factor for a cargo is based upon ______.
    one long ton
  63. in a general cargo ship with the superstructure amidships, which location is best suitable for on deck stowage of cars?
    on top of the hatch immediately aft of the amidships superstructure
  64. a break bulk vessel loaded with palletized cargo is most likely ?
    to be loaded full but not down
  65. a sling is a device used in
    hoisting cargo on board
  66. every lashings should be provided with a tightening device or system so laced that it can safely efficiently operate when required? the load to be produced by the tightening or system should not be less than
    27 KN (kilo newton) in the horizontal part
  67. in the stowage of deck cargo, cribbing is ?
    placed on deck to support the cargo
  68. the thickness of a 30.6 pound plate is ?
  69. the permanent wooden planks attached to the frames of the ship that aids in ventilation is/are the
    sweat battens
  70. manila slings should not be used to load
  71. which data can NOT be found on a moisture equilibrium chart?
    wet bulb temperature
  72. a wet cargo refers to
    liquids in container
  73. which statement concerning the carriage of containers is true?
    with tiered containers, a 40-foot container may be stowed on top of two 20 foot containers
  74. how often should the temperature inside the compartment with refrigerated cargo be checked and recorded?
    once in each four-hourly watch
  75. if you intended to land tulip bulbs from holland in a u.s. port, they must be inspected by the _______.
    animal and plant health service inspector
  76. youa are to load a bagged cargo in the lower hold of a shipped equipped with side bilges. the first layer of dunnage should be laid down
    at an angle to the keel with the forward end inboard
  77. because of the arrangement of the cell guides, the most important factor while loading containers is the _________?
    list of the vessel
  78. the actual weight of a vessel and her contents at any particular time and expressed in tons is termed
  79. the volume of under deck tonnage plus spaces in the hull above the tonnage deck divided by 100 cubic feet or 2.83 cubic meter to indicate one ton is termed
    gross tonnage
  80. the maximum depth to which ships are entitled to load in different seasons and in different parts of the world is laid down in schedule 2 of the?
    load line rules
  81. there are ______ permanent zones in the loadline chart?
  82. when a floating body submerged in the water, the water displaced is equal to its own weight" this is known as ?
    archimedes principle
  83. draft markings in the metric system are written in intervals of ______>
    10 centimeters
  84. draft marking in the metric system are written in _______ thickness
  85. the correction to be applied if the draft markings are not exactly in the perpendiculars is called?
    correction due to trim
  86. the actual weight of a vessels cargo, ballast, fuel oil, fresh water including her constant and expressed in tons is termed?
    dead weight
  87. if the result of loading a vessels is an increase in the height of the center of gravity there will always be an increase in ?
    vertical moments
  88. a vessel list and trims from its?
    center of floatation
  89. the angle of maximum stability corresponds approximately to the angle of?
    deck edge immersion
  90. the free surface effects of a partially full liquid tank decreases with the increased?
    displacement volume
  91. if the metacentric height is small, the vessel will?
    be tender
  92. if the metacentric height is large, the vessel will
    be stiff
  93. the movement of a liquid in a tank when a vessel inclines causes an increase in ?
    natural rolling period
  94. the existence of liquid in a partially fulled tanks or compartments causes a virtual rise in the height of the
    center of gravity
  95. a virtual rise in the center of gravity of a vessel may be caused by
    using an onbaord crane to lift a freely swinging heavy object
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