list 6-10

  1. apprehension
    fear; discernment; capture
  2. arable
    fit for growing crops
  3. arbitrary
    unreasonable or capricious; randomly selected without any reason; based solely on one's unrestricted will or judgement
  4. archaic
  5. ardor
    heat; passion; zeal
  6. arid
    dry; barren
  7. arrogance
    pride; haughtiness
  8. articulate
    effective; distinct
  9. artifact
    object made by human beings, either handmade or mass producced
  10. artisan
    manually skilled worker; craftsman, as opposed to artist
  11. ascendancy
    controlling influence
  12. ascetic
    practicing self-denial; austere
  13. aspire
    seek to attain; long for
  14. assuage
    ease or lessen (pain); satisfy (hunger); soothe (anger)
  15. astute
    wise; shrewd
  16. atrophy
    waste away
  17. attentive
    considerate; thoughtful; paying attention
  18. attribute
    ascribe; explain
  19. audacious
    daring; bold
  20. augment
    increase; add to
  21. austerity
    sternness; severity; strict economy; lack of luxuries
  22. authentic
  23. authoritarian
    favoring or exercising total control; nondemocratic
  24. autonomous
    self governing
  25. aversion
    firm dislike
  26. banal
    hackneyed; commonplace; trite
  27. bane
    cause of ruin
  28. belie
    contradict; give a false impression
  29. belittle
    disparage; make fun of
  30. belligerent
  31. benevolent
    generous; charitable
  32. benign
    kindly; favorable; not malignant
  33. bequeath
    leave to someone by a will; hand down
  34. biased
    slanted; prejudiced
  35. bland
    soothing; mild; dull
  36. blasphemy
    irreverence; sacrilege; cursing
  37. bolster
    support; reinforce
  38. braggart
    boastful person
  39. brawn
    muscular strength; sturdiness
  40. brevity
    conciseness; briefness
  41. buttress
    support; prop up
  42. cacophonous
    discordant; inharmonious
  43. cajole
    coax; wheedle
  44. calculated
    deliberately planned; likely
  45. candor

    jenna's candor showed she held nothing back
  46. capricious
    fickle; incalculable

    her moods were capricious
  47. caricature
    distortion; burlezque
  48. censorious
  49. censure
    blame; criticize
  50. certitude
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