1. turgor pressure
    when water fills up vacuole and cytoplasm, causing them to swell and push against the cell wall
  2. urine
    the waste that the ureter carries to the bladder
  3. enzymes
    chemicals that help speed up digestion
  4. hormones
    chemical messengers
  5. what does nervous system do
    tells what is going outside and inside the body and sends electrical messages throughout the body
  6. what does the endocrine system do
    produces hormones and tells the organs how to adjust to what is going outside and inside the body
  7. immune response
    the use of antibodies to fight antigens
  8. antigen
    what foreign organisms that contain or produce chemicals
  9. what is in the brain
    neurons and nerve cells (100 billions of them)
  10. sensory neurons
    carries messages from sensory cells to the brain
  11. motor neurons
    carry signals from brain to muscles, causing movement
  12. reaction time
    the time required for you to react to a signal
  13. disease
    any condition that is harmful
  14. infection
    an invasion caused by agents that invade the body
  15. virus
    small strand of genetic information covered by protein coat
  16. pus
    • made of strands of protein
    • cell fragments that remain after the invaders have been attacked by white blood cells
  17. markers
    distinctive molecules that invading cells have
  18. force
    a push or pull that causes change in movement
  19. flow rate
    how quickly a fluid flows
  20. dynamic
    systems that involve movement
  21. aero dynamics
    air or gas moving around solid objects
  22. hydrodynamics
    motion of liquids around solid obj
  23. surface tension
    increased attraction among the particles
  24. viscometer
    a instrument that measures viscosity
  25. laminar flow
    water traveling in straight line
  26. turbulent flow
    water flowing choppy and not straight
  27. drag
  28. streamlined
    shapes that create a laminar flow
  29. why is there meniscus
    adhesive forces between the fluid and the container
  30. pascal
    the unit of pressure
  31. atmospheric pressure
    the weight of air pushing down on itself on the earth's surface
  32. hydraulic system
    confined pressurized system using moving liquids
  33. pneumatic system
    confined pressurized system using moving gas, carbon dioxide, or air
  34. compression
    reduce of volume in gas
  35. ballast
    any material carried on ships, submarines
  36. visible spectrum
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