Uworld q 2

  1. uterus shape in adenomysosis vs leyiomyoma
    adenomyosis---fully enlarged uterus
  2. first step in management of a pts with spinal cord injury that is hemodynamically stable?
    urinary catherer placment
  3. common complications of adpckd?
    • mitral valve prolapse
    • berry aneurysm
    • liver cysts
  4. what does erlichosis look like
    • spotles rmsf
    • elevated lft
    • thrombocytopenia
    • leukopenia
  5. rx for rmsf?
    rx for rmsf in prefnancy
    • doxycycline
    • chloramphenicol
  6. umn signs in a patient with down syndrome suggest?
    atlantoaxial instability
  7. hemodialysis is the rx for poisoning with what?
    rx for iron poisoning?
    • lithiuym
    • deferoxime
  8. rx for warm agglutin dz
    rx for cold agglutinin dz

    stay cold and transfuse blood for cold
  9. whats the genotype of klinefelter syndrome
    47 xxy
  10. 46 xx + amenorhea + anosmia?
    kallman syndrome
  11. rx for stroke, chest pain or any thrombosis in sickle cell patient?
    exchange transfusion
  12. how does diffuse axonal injury look like on a ct scan?
    multiple minute punctuate hemorrhages in the brain
  13. what can be seen in premature infants?
    • hypoxia
    • hypoglycemia
    • hypocalcemia
    • hypothermia
    • polycythemia
  14. punched out erosion of corrical bone is characteristic of what condition causing joint pain?
  15. what is the discharge that trichomonas vs candida causes?
    • candida--no smelly
    • trichomonas--smelly
  16. what kind of pH does candida favor?
    acidic--4 to 4.5
  17. what is the only anemia that can cause hypochromic and normochromic anemia?
    siderblastic anemia
  18. what has a wide pulse pressure?
  19. most common form of myopathy?
    steroid induced myopathy
  20. what characteristic of cll has poor progonisis
    anemia or thrombocytpenai
  21. disorganized schizo has what symptoms?
    disorganized speech
  22. what is residual  schizo?
    pts who no longer have prominent psychotic features but smaller persistent symptoms such as illogical thinking, blunting of affect
  23. rx for varicosities
    • leg elevation
    • compression stockings
  24. test to compare two means?
    3 or more means?
    • t test
    • anova
  25. rx for aml?
  26. when do you not give abx for abscess
    • if <5cm
    • and low risk
  27. rx for hidradentitis suppurativa?
    same as for acne
  28. accutane combined with what increases risk of pseudotumor cerebri
  29. rhinophyma occurs secondary to
  30. rx for roseasa
    • metro
    • antibiotics
  31. isolation for shingles or chicken pox
    chicken pox
  32. when do you give shingles
    withing 72 hours
  33. intetrigo
    candida infection in skin creases
  34. do you use lindane for fleas
  35. what lice med is an organophosphate
  36. when do you treat po meds for tinea infection
    • if its tinea capitis
    • if its tinea unguim
  37. rx for psoriasis
    topical steroids
  38. rx for venous dermatitis
    • leg elevation
    • compression stockings
  39. how is psoriasis different from eczema in terms of location
    • eczema on flexor surface
    • psoriasis--on extensor surface
  40. difference between bullous pemphigoid and pemphigus vulgaris rx?
    pemphigus vulgaris gets po steroids

    bullous pemphigoid gets topical steroids
  41. rx for porphyria cutanea tarda
  42. what has a pasted on horn appearance and is associated with gi malignancies?
    seborheic dermatitis
  43. when do you save the foreskin?
    to repair epispadias or hypospadias
  44. rx for melasma
    hydroquinone + isotretinoin----stops tyrosine kinase
  45. rx for vitiligo
  46. rx for acanthosis nigricans?
    • steroids
    • tretinoin
  47. lesion that looks like melanoma but is pink
    spitz nevus
  48. rx for alopecia aereta
    intralesional steroids
  49. alopecia aereta occurs secondary to what
    • sle
    • addison
    • syphilis
    • hiv
  50. age for hodgkin lymphoma
    20-40 and 60+
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