CIS11 - Week One

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  1. Information Literacy is seen as prerequisite for_____? (choose the most correct option)

     Participative citizenship
     Social inclusion
     The creation of new knowledge
     All of the above
    All of the above
  2. There are ______ core information literacy standards:
     3
     4
     5
     6
     7
  3. The Australian and New Zealand information literacy framework is based on four overarching principles. Which of the options below is not one of those principles?

     Manages the development of information through the use of technology.
     Engage in independent learning through constructing new meaning, understanding and knowledge
     Derive satisfaction and personal fulfillment from using information wisely
     Demonstrate social responsibility through a commitment to lifelong learning and community participation
     Individually and collectively search for and use information for decision making and problem
    Manages the development of information through the use of technology.
  4. The Big 6, developed by Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz, is a strategy used to learn information and technology skills. Which is not one of the stages of the Big6:

     Evaluation.
     Synthesis.
     Task definition.
     Culture.
     Location and access.
  5. True or False: "Recognises that lifelong learning and participative citizenship requires information literacy" is a core standard added by Swinburne University.
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