Minneapolis PD

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  1. Vision
    Be a recognized and respected law enforcement leader in public safety strategies and service to our community
  2. Other LEO in Minneapolis
    • -University of Minnesota Police
    • -Minneapolis Park Police
    • -Metro Transit Police
    • -Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office
    • -Metro Airport Police
  3. Mission
    We, the members of the Minneapolis Police Department, are committed to providing quality and professional service in partnership with all communities to continue to advance our cities safety, growth and viability.  We are committed to excellence through the development, accountability and support of our employees to achieve their full potential.
  4. Goals
    • Public Safety
    • Public Trust
    • Employee engagement and morale
  5. Values
    • -Commitment
    • -Integrity
    • -Transparency
  6. Mayor
    R.T Rybak
  7. Chief of MPD
    Janee Harteau
  8. Interesting Facts about the police department
    • -Police department was formed in 1867
    • -The second oldest department in the state
    • -St Paul was formed in 1854
    • -There are 5 precincts
    • -There are approximately 800 officers
  9. Job Description
    • -Assists patrol officers in non-enforcement activities
    • -Must relate to and work effectively with people from diverse, cultural, economic and ethnic backgrounds
    • -Responds to citizen requests for service
    • Maintains police vehicles and equipment as assigned
    • -Picks up and delivers correspondence for the department and community organizations
    • -Identifies and reports criminal activities
    • -Assists citizens in identifying crime prevention techniques
    • -Recovers abandoned property
    • -Assists in traffic control of special events, major fires, parades and accidents
    • -Assists department officers or other agencies in providing transportation as requested
    • -Must pass periodic performance evaluations
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