nursing roles

  1. How is a BSN different than a ADN?
    BSN programs focus more on leadership, management, public/community health, and research.
  2. What is an example of an APN?
    An example of an Advanced Practice nurse is a Nurse Practitioner.
  3. In order to renew your nursing license, what is necessary to fulfiill every 2 years?
    30 hrs. of CEU's (continuing education units)
  4. What is the main purpose of the Nurse Practice Act?
    Define our scope of practice.
  5. Who has the power to grant nursing licenses?
    The BRN
  6. What is the main job of the ANA?
    Improve standards of health and the availability of healthcare. To get involved on a political level.
  7. What is the main purpose of the NLN?
    To foster imprvement of nursing education and nursing service.
  8. What is the purpose of the NLNAC?
    Accredit colleges and schools of nursing.
  9. Who provides mandatory accreditation to nursing schools?
    the BRN
  10. Who provides voluntary accreditation to nursing schools?
    the NLN
  11. If you want to take your nursing license to another state, what do you have to apply for?
  12. What are the three main focuses in nursing under the ADN program?
    • 1) Provider of care
    • 2) Manager of care
    • 3) Member w/in the discipline of nursing
  13. What kind of process is teaching-learning?
  14. How is learning defined?
    a change in behavior that persists over time
  15. What are the three learning domains?
    • 1) Cognitive
    • 2) Affective
    • 3) Psychomotor
  16. What is the definition of the cognitive learning domain?
    understanding, includes all intellectual behaviors
  17. What is the definition of the affective learning domain?
    emotional, attitudes, expression of feelings and acceptance of attituedes
  18. What is the definition of the psychomotor learning domain?
    doing, motor skills, requires integraion of mental and muscular actions
  19. Which learning domain to the verbs teach, discuss, identify, describe, list, explore define?
  20. Which learning domain to the verbs express, listen, share, communicate, relate describe?
  21. Which learning domain to the verbs demonstrate, practice, perform, walk, administer, give define?
  22. What are 3 examples of a nursing dx that can be related to learning?
    • 1) Knowlede deficit (cognitive, affective, psychomotor) r/t....
    • 2) Non compliance r/t.....
    • 3) Health maintenacne altered r/t.....
  23. What are the 3 complexeties of care in health care organizations?
    • 1) primary, AKA 1st access care
    • 2) secondary, AKA disease-restorative care
    • 3) tertiary, AKA rehab or long-term care
  24. How many days left of school?
    too many, so keep studying
  25. The ER is an example of what kind of care setting?
  26. Acute care, and ambulatroy care are examples of what kind of health setting?
  27. In what setting is the main goal prevention of disease complication?
  28. In what care setting is rehabilitation and care of dying?
  29. What is the main specialized body of knowlege of the nurse?
    nursing process
  30. What is the definition of altruistic?
    when a person puts themself at risk for the benefit of other people
  31. What soes the NCLEX-RN stand for?
    National Council Licensure Examination Registered Nurse
  32. What does it mean if you pass NCLEX?
    you have minimal competence
  33. What are the 3 main purposes of the healthcare system?
    • 1) health promotion and illness prevention
    • 2) diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury
    • 3) rehabilitaion and health restoration
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