Mod D Unit 3 Theory Test Review

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  1. what is necessary before bonding
    smear layer removal and etchant
  2. insulating surface and thickness
    pulpal and 1-2 mm
  3. thermal stimuli=
    physical stimuli
  4. calcium hydroxide
    stimulates dentinal growth
  5. varnish
    reduces leaks/seals dentinal tubules
  6. protective base placed
    post op for sensitivity and damage to the pulp
  7. dentin bonding
    dentin adhesion
  8. not a use of fluoride
    dentin sealant
  9. desensitizer placed after you
    rinse and lightly dry
  10. not true of etchant
    cured for 15-30 seconds
  11. esthetic dentistry
  12. insulate under composite
  13. ZOE mixed should not be
    rounded into a big ball
  14. i have no idea what i wrote on my notes for this one so here goes nothing .... deter ... maybe determines ... idk
  15. dental assistant's role in a restoration
    prep, mix, and transfer
  16. Class II restoration found on
    posterior teeth
  17. used for a class III and IV
    composite resin
  18. which is true of a class 5
    d - location will determine type of restorative material needed
  19. decay lingual pit
    class I
  20. freebie
  21. one or both of proximal are removed/used to build walls
    matrix system
  22. Class III
    canines and incisors
  23. class V most important consideration
    how close it is to the gingiva
  24. freebie
  25. temporary restoration in any surface for a short time
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