CS Test Questions

  1. what are 2 types of sweet dough?
    • *regular sweet dough
    • *danish pastry dough
  2. basic ingredients for baked custard
    sweetened milk and eggs
  3. what are the ingredients for basic yeast bread?
    • *flour
    • *water
    • *sugar
    • *salt
    • *yeast
    • *shortening
    • *spices
  4. the word to make a mixture smooth by using a fast regular circular and lifting motion which incorporate air into a product
  5. ingredients for royal icing
    powdered sugar, egg white and cream of tartar
  6. define flambe
    to flame a dessert or other food by dousing with potable alcohol and setting alight
  7. basic ingredients for cakes
    • *flour
    • *sugar
    • *salt
    • *egg
    • *liquid
    • *leavening agent
  8. what is the difference between one-two pie crust?
    one pie crust covers the bottom of the pan while two pie crust covers the top and bottom
  9. what are the 4 basic pastry doughs?
    • *sweet dough
    • *pie pastry dough
    • *puff pastry
    • *cookie dough
  10. how thick should pie dough be rolled to?
  11. when rolling pie dough how much should it pass the pan?
  12. when a 2 pie dough requires a wash you can use
    • *eggs
    • *butter
    • *milk
  13. to break lightly into small pieces
  14. to mix two or more ingredients with a circular motion
  15. to beat rapidly with a wire whisk to increase volume by incorporating air
  16. 3 categories of cookie dough
    • *stiff dough
    • *soft dough
    • *refrigerator dough
  17. to restore liquid state by adding water
  18. what is a rich dough?
    dough that consist of many rich ingredients such as eggs, butter, and sugar
  19. proper temperature for yeast to thrive
    105-110 F degrees
  20. what are the leavening agents?
    • *baking soda
    • *baking powder
    • *yeast
  21. what type of fungus is yeast?
    minute fungus
  22. to put dry ingredients through a sieve
  23. what are lean dough?
    less or no enriching ingredients
  24. what are retarded dough?
    a yeast dough that is refrigerated for a time before proofing and baking
  25. when using eggs for baking what does it add to the product?
    richness, flavor, and texture
  26. what is the purpose for cookie dough to be refrigerated(in accordance to the AFRS)
    it results cookies to become brittle
  27. proper temperature for the proof box at what percent of humidity
    95 F degrees at 95%
  28. when baking hot rolls, oven temperature should be at?
    325 F degrees
  29. internal temperature for shelled eggs
    145 F for 15 sec
  30. what are the 3 types of cakes?
    batter, foam, and chiffon
  31. what ingredient provides a cake with structure?
  32. what is the purpose of salt in cake?
    it brings out the flavor of other ingredients
  33. what is the purpose of salt in yeast doughs?
    fermentation and flavor
  34. what is the only bread that is cooked before baked?
  35. what temperature should hot rolls be baked in?
    325 F degrees
  36. what is the leavening agent for quick breads?
    baking powder
  37. what is the leavening agent for hot rolls?
  38. what is the leavening agent for chocolate chip cookies?
    baking soda
  39. what is the leavening agent used for cream puffs?
  40. what is the leavening agent for cornbread?
    baking powder
  41. what is the leavening agent for pancakes?
    baking powder
  42. what type of cookie is chocolate chip cookies?
  43. what is a mixture of cold water and flour added to another liquid?
  44. when baking cookies what is the most important factor?
    oven temperature
  45. temperature of dough after mixing
    78-82 F degrees
  46. what are the 3 types of cookies
    • *sliced/rolled cookies(sugar cookies
    • *bar style cookies(brownies)
    • *drop cookies(soft dough)
  47. define bake
    to cook with hot air (conventional oven)
  48. define bbq
    to cook on a grill or a pit of coals
  49. define roast
    to cook by surrounding it with dry heat
  50. define grill
    to cook food over an open heat source on a screen or grid
  51. define sautè
    to brown in small amount fat
  52. define broil
    to cook food item with radiant heat
  53. define braising
    the food is browned and then cooked covered in small amount of liquid
  54. define bard
    to cover with a piece of meat with pork or slices of bacon prior to cooking to keep in moisture
  55. define baste
    to pour drippings or other fat over a food before or during cooking in order to prevent drying
  56. define to beat
    to move a whip or spoon rapidly back and forth to blend products together
  57. define bind
     to cause two or more items to cohere
  58. define blend
    to mix two or more ingredients so completely that they lose their separate identities
  59. define coagulate
    the process of becoming thick or solidifying be applying heat
  60. define emulsion
    the combination of incompatible liquids, such as oil and water
  61. define to mix
    to combine ingredients in such a way that the parts of each ingredients are evenly dispersed
  62. define to sweat
    to cook in small amount of fat or oil over low heat
  63. what are the 3 types of roux
    • *white roux
    • *blond roux
    • *brown roux
  64. what is the purpose of straining sauce?
    improves the smoothness and increases the luster
  65. what are the 4 groups of cold sauces?
    • *basic french
    • *mayonais
    • *boiled dressing
    • *specialty sauces
  66. average net weight for a #2 vacuum can
  67. average net weight for a #1 picnic can
  68. internal temperature for shelled eggs
    145 F degrees
  69. internal temperature for scrambled eggs 
    155 F degrees
  70. internal temperature for scrambled eggs in the serving line 
    140 F degrees
  71. adipose tissue is also called
  72. what temperature does fat ignite?
    475 F degrees
  73. oil should never go about what temperature
    400 F degrees
  74. dishwashing machine: temperature for pre-wash
    110-120 F degrees
  75. dishwashing machine: temperature for wash
    150-160 F degrees
  76. dishwashing machine: temperature for rinse
    160-180 F degrees
  77. dishwashing machine: temperature for final rinse
    180-194 F degrees
  78. what are the 2 types of authorized sanitizing method used in the navy?
    • *heat
    • *chemical
  79. average net weight for a #10 can
    6lbs 8oz
  80. what is the purpose of a dressing
    enhances the flavors of the other ingredients in the salad
  81. AFRS: section 0
    sauces, gravies
  82. AFRS: section P
  83. AFRS: section Q
  84. what are the 5 pork cuts
    • *shoulder butt
    • *loin
    • *ham(butt)
    • *picnic shoulder
    • *spareribs
  85. define calorie
    quantity of food capable of producing the amount of energy
  86. internal temp for fresh pork
    165 F degrees for 15 sec
  87. internal temperature for microwavable foods
    165 F degrees for 15 sec
  88. internal temperature for ground beef
    155 F degrees for 15 sec
  89. internal temperature for fish
    145 F degrees for 15 sec
  90. internal temperature for poultry
    165 F degrees for 15 sec
  91. internal temperature for pork chops
    145 F degrees for 15 sec
  92. internal temperature for steaks
    145 F degrees for 15 sec
  93. scrambled eggs are cooked in small batches of no more than
    3 qts
  94. temperature danger zone
    41-135 F degrees
  95. internal temperature when reheating cooked then refrigerated food item
    165 F degrees for 15 sec
  96. how many pieces can you get from rabbit?
    8 pieces
  97. navsup 1282
    food item request/issue
  98. navsup 1090
    food preparation worksheet
  99. navsup 1090 requires how many signatures during a normal working day? who signs them?
    • 3
    • *watch captain
    • *LCS
    • *FSO
  100. navsup 1090 requires how many signatures during off going day? who signs them?
    • 4
    • *watch captain
    • *LCS
    • *FSO
    • *oncoming watch captain
  101. MSG stands for
    monosodium glutamate
  102. what is veal?
    slaughtered 3 month old dairy calve
  103. mayonnaise is made off
    • *egg yolk
    • *oil
    • *acid
    • *seasoning
  104. what manual covers the ware washing procedure for field messing
    navmed P-5010 ch. 9
  105. navsup 7330
    BDFA Basic daily food allowance
  106. why is white the primary color used for food service personnel clothing?
    cleanliness and sanitation
  107. temperature for steam table
    180-200 F degrees
  108. water level for steam table
    1" no higher than the bottom of food pan
  109. signs indicate when space have a problem with roaches?
    strong oily odor
  110. even balanced scale
    to weigh dry ingredients accurately, used in baking
  111. temperature when receiving meat
    below 0 F degrees
  112. what is the formula for acceptability
    portions prepare minus leftover divided by actual fed times 100
  113. define coulis
    purees of meat, fish, game and poultry
  114. define coddle
    to poach gently in barely simmering liquid
  115. define consomme
    a concentrated thin, clear soup made from meat, poultry or fish
  116. basic french dressing consist of
    • *vinegar
    • *oil
    • *salt and pepper
  117. navsup P-7
    AFRS armed forces recipe service
  118. define breading
    to cover with crumbs or other suitable dry coating ingredients
  119. define minced
    to cut or shop into very small pieces
  120. abbreviation for gallon, quart, pint, cup, tablespoon, teaspoon, pound, and ounces 
    • *gal
    • *qt
    • *pt
    • *cup
    • *tbsp
    • *tsp
    • *lb
    • *oz
  121. name 3 poultry giblets
    • *liver
    • *heart
    • *gizzard
  122. what should you do when meat is stored for more than 4 hours?
    discard the product
  123. navmed P-5010
    naval preventive medicine
  124. manual washing: temperature for wash
    not less than 110 F degrees
  125. manual washing: temperature for rinse
    not less than 120 F degrees
  126. manual washing: temperature for sanitizing
    not less than 171 F degrees for 30 sec
  127. define cube
    to chop any food into square shaped pieces
  128. internal temperature for turkey
    180-185 F degrees for 15 sec
  129. animal meat is divided into 3 types
    • *skeletal
    • *cardiac
    • *smooth
  130. storage temperature for cold sauces
    34-40 F degrees 
  131. how long is coffee held at what temperature?
    1 hour at 185 F degrees
  132. AFRS: section A
  133. AFRS: section B
    appetizers (buffalo wings)
  134. AFRS: section C
    beverages (cola)
  135. AFRS: section D
    bread/sweet dough (dough)
  136. AFRS: section E
    cereal (luckE charms)
  137. AFRS: section F
    cheese and eggs (fried eggs)
  138. AFRS: section G
    cakes, fillings, frosting (german chocolate cake)
  139. what are the cold sauces?
    • *salad dressing
    • *fruit toppings
    • * gravies and others
  140. define chop
    to cut food into irregular small pieces
  141. HERBS: pointed and green leavesImage Upload 1
  142. HERBS: smooth and rigid, usually available driedImage Upload 2
    Bay Leaves
  143. HERBS: use in Italian SausageImage Upload 3
  144. HERBS: similar to  parsley but with a licorice flavorImage Upload 4
  145. Image Upload 5HERBS: similar shape to parsley with pronounce flavor
  146. HERBS: feathery shape with strong aromaImage Upload 6
  147. HERBS:small rounded leaves with a flavor similar to oreganoImage Upload 7
  148. HERBS: pointed textured leavesImage Upload 8
  149. HERBS: small oval leavesImage Upload 9
  150. HERBS: feathery leaves may be curly or flatImage Upload 10
  151. HERBS: shape like pine needles, has a resiny flavor and aromaImage Upload 11
  152. HERBS: large green leaves that may be furry and velvetyImage Upload 12
  153. HERBS:similar flavor to thymeImage Upload 13
    Summrr Savory
  154. HERBS: narrow leaves with a pronounced licorice flavorImage Upload 14
  155. HERBS: Tiny small leavesImage Upload 15
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