1. A router malfunctioned and was replaced with another. Each client computer on Subnet G and Subnet H is configured with a static IP address, subnet mask, and a default gateway that allows access to the other subnet. It should not be necessary to reconfigure the clients. The configuration design is described below: Subnet G is attached to interface 0 of the router. Subnet H is attached to interface 1. Which IP address should be assigned to interface 1?
  2. As a network administrator of your company, you have just discovered that a large block of addresses are denied without comment. the range of the blocked addresses is from to which of the following options is the best description of these addresses?
    Multicast addresses
  3. A proxy server is also called:
    Caching server
  4. Which document describes the coverage area of a wireless network in detail?
    Site survey
  5. Select one from the following options to translate the Mac address to its IP address?
  6. In a WAN environment, which type of network topology can avoid downtime?
  7. You are working as a technician at A Mac OS X 10.3 user has requested some assistance with a network connectivity issue that he has. The Mac OS uses Kerberos to access a kervertized service provided by a Mac OS X server 10.3 but the user experiences an authentication failure when he tries to do this. Which of the following steps might resolve the issue?
    Synchronize all Kerbeors principal's clocks using a network time server.
  8. According to the following information, can you tell me which command and switch combination can generate this output? Interface: Internet Address Physical Address Type 00-30-48-82-72-8c dynamic.
    arp -a
  9. select the most appropriate network technique to describe an active and dealing with requests.
    High availability
  10. on the weekend, the power was cut off. On Monday morning, the helpdesk is informed of network problems from only one section of the LAN. The network technician determined all issues and resolved them. Which action will be taken next?
    Document the entire process.
  11. a small company connected to the internet through a SOHO (Small Office/ Home office) Router wants to make an internal web server public on the internet. Computers on the LAN can access the web ages but internet users cannot. What should be done to solve the problem?
    Make certain the website has an external DNS name and public IP address, and that port 80 is open on the router.
  12. during network issue troubleshooting, which action will be taken first?
    Ask the user who reported the issue to explain the symptoms in detail.
  13. which command can indicate the destination MAC addresses?
  14. Choose the authentication protocol from following to negotiate access to the network by use of certificates?
  15. The network has a 100Base-T switch. you need to add a new host to the network. which cable would you require?
    A Category 5 UTP cable
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