Organic Chemistry

  1. Hydrocarbon
    Compounds that contain hydrogen and carbon only
  2. Aromatic compounds
    contain a six-membered ring of carbon atoms - benzene ring
  3. Aliphatic compounds
    consist of of open chained carbon atoms and and closed chains (rings) but do not contain a benzene ring
  4. Homologous Series
    a group of compounds which havethe same functional group and each successive member differs by a CH2

    [Series of compounds with similar chemical type, showing gradations in their physical properties, having a general formula for its members -each member has a similar method of preparations]
  5. Functional Group
    group of atoms on which the characteristics of a homologous series depend
  6. Saturated
    compounds containing all carbon-carbon single bonds
  7. Unsaturated
    compounds containing at least one carbon-carbon double carbon or one carbon-carbon triple bond
  8. Structural Isomers
    compounds with the same molecular formula but different structural formulas
  9. Fractional Distillation
    process involves heating the crude oil and separating the various mixtures on the basis of their boiling points
  10. Auto-ignition
    Early exploding of the petrol-air mixture ('knocking')
  11. Octane Number
    a measure of the tendency of the fuel to resist knocking
  12. Catalytic Cracking
    the breaking down of long-chain hydrocarbon molecules, using heat and a catalyst to produce shorter chains
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